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Infiniti Brake Caliper

The Infiniti brake caliper is an essential component of the brake assembly positioned at each wheel of your vehicle, responding to your pressure on the brake pedal to bring it to a stop safely. The brake parts that are located at each wheel work in conjunction to produce friction, which works against the momentum of the wheels to bring them to a stop. The function of these brake components is caused by a hydraulic fluid system, placing pressure on a piston in the Infiniti brake caliper. The pressure placed on this piston allows the Infiniti brake caliper to squeeze the brake pads in towards the brake disc. The brake pads are lined with a friction material to help them grasp the brake disc securely, producing the friction that stops the motion of the wheels. The Infiniti brake caliper is crucial to this process, causing the contact between the brake disc and pads that is necessary for braking. If the Infiniti brake caliper is not functioning at its best, the brake pads may not be able to contact the disc with enough pressure to fight the momentum of the wheels, increasing the braking distance of the vehicle. The performance of the Infiniti brake caliper can be affected by a number of factors, such as corrosion that can cause it to seize, or a leak in the brake hose that can cause the pressure of the hydraulic fluid to weaken, unable to cause the efficient function of the Infiniti brake caliper piston. We carry a selection of Infiniti brake caliper replacements in our online catalog, all at very reasonable prices. Our site is secure and efficient to make ordering easy, or our expert customer service can help you place your Infiniti brake caliper order on our toll-free phone line just as conveniently.