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Infiniti Brake Dust Shields

The sticky black film that tends to accumulate on the wheels of your vehicle as you drive can be quite frustrating as you make your best effort to remove it. Infiniti brake dust shields can help. This black film is not your typical road grime, but an unavoidable byproduct of the disc brake system in your vehicle. Brake dust is produced with every application of the brakes. The brake pads are coated with a compound that is formulated to produce friction between the pads and the brake disc as these components come into contact with one another to stop the motion of your wheels. Every time the brake pads contact the surface of the brake disc, a bit of this lining is shed, producing the stubborn brake dust film that collects on your wheels. Infiniti brake dust shields deflect the dust as it is shed from the brake pads, sending it to blow away in the breeze before it has a chance to coat your wheels. The friction lining of the brake pads is made up of carbon, metal filings and powerful adhesives to hold it onto the surface of the pads. The adhesives in this compound are the ingredient that causes the sticky brake dust to cling so stubbornly to the surface of your wheels to dull their shine and cause corrosion. The easy installation of Infiniti brake dust shields can stop this problem before it starts, saving you the hassle and expense of harsh solvents and scrubbing to remove the mess. Our online catalog carries a variety of quality Infiniti brake dust shields. Our great prices and expert customer service will make ordering your Infiniti brake dust shields quick and convenient, whether you use our secure site or our toll-free phone line.

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