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Infiniti Brake Pad Set

The brake system in your vehicle relies on the production of friction between brake components to bring your vehicle to a stop when you step on the brake pedal. Infiniti brake pads play a large role in producing that friction, as they make contact with the brake disc when the brakes are applied. Operated by the brake caliper, Infiniti brake pads are squeezed onto each side of the brake disc to produce friction with the assistance of a friction compound with which the Infiniti brake pads are lined. The friction compound is made up of carbon, metal filings, and powerful adhesives that hold the compound together securely on the surface of the Infiniti brake pads. A bit of the friction lining is shed each time the brakes are applied, worn away as the Infiniti brake pads produce friction against the brake disc surface. This gradual wear makes the replacement of the Infiniti brake pads necessary at regular intervals, as the lining eventually becomes too thin to work effectively against the momentum of the wheels. The intervals at which the Infiniti brake pads require replacement varies, depending upon the friction compound used in their manufacture. The formulation of this compound differs, depending upon the type of use the Infiniti brake pads are meant for, and their brand. Most Infiniti brake pads are equipped with a wear sensor, designed to sound an alert when the lining wears thin, often a squealing noise. We carry a selection of replacements for your Infiniti brake pads in our online catalog, all at very reasonable prices. Ordering your Infiniti brake pads will be quick and very secure on our site, or our courteous customer service staff will make ordering just as convenient when you dial our toll-free phone line.