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Infiniti Catalytic Converter

The Infiniti catalytic converter is a valuable part of the emission control system of your vehicle, helping to reduce the level of pollution it sends into the air we breathe. The engine produces a variety of chemicals as byproducts of the combustion process that it uses to produce the power that propels your vehicle. Several of these chemicals are quite harmful to humans and animals, and some are contributors to the growing problems of smog and acid rain. The Infiniti catalytic converter is located in the exhaust system of your vehicle to process the exhaust gasses that are produced by the combustion process, sifting out a portion of these chemicals to reduce the amount of toxic fumes that are allowed to flow out of the vehicle tailpipe into the environment. This task is accomplished with a ceramic honeycomb style structure that makes up the interior of the Infiniti catalytic converter, which is coated with catalyst metals. These metals cause a chemical reaction with the molecules of these hazardous chemicals as they make their way through the Infiniti catalytic converter, which causes some of these molecules to burn up and others to remain trapped inside. This significantly reduces the amount of toxins that are allowed to exit the vehicle into the air, reducing air pollution. The Infiniti catalytic converter is an important safeguard, keeping the pollution produced by the millions of vehicles on today's busy roadways to a minimum. We carry a selection of Infiniti catalytic converter replacements in our online catalog at very reasonable prices. Our site is user-friendly and secure to make ordering your Infiniti catalytic converter quick and safe or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.