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Infiniti Clutch Kit

The Infiniti clutch kit is designed to make the maintenance of the essential clutch assembly components more convenient, including the necessary parts all in one handy package. The clutch assembly works hard as you drive, providing the connection between the engine crankshaft and the transmission input shaft that carries the torque power produced by the engine through the chain of drive train components, which transmit it to the wheels to cause their rotation. The various parts that are included in the clutch assembly will be subjected to wear with every shift of gears, start, or stop of the vehicle, engaging and disengaging at each of these times. The Infiniti clutch kit includes replacement parts for those components of the clutch assembly that wear most often, needing replacement at regular intervals. The clutch disc makes contact with the engine flywheel to transmit the power of the engine to the transmission, the first step of the drive train process that propels your vehicle. The clutch disc is coated with a friction compound for a secure grip on the flywheel, locking the engine and transmission together to transmit power between the two. This coating wears a bit every time the clutch is engaged and the disc is pushed into contact with the flywheel by the pressure plate. Eventually the friction coating will wear thin, losing its ability to grip the flywheel securely. The Infiniti clutch kit commonly includes a clutch disc replacement along with the pressure plate, springs and bearings, which are also prone to wear. We carry a selection of the convenient Infiniti clutch kit, making it easy to find what you need to keep your vehicle at its best. Our great prices and expert customer service will make ordering your Infiniti clutch disc quick and convenient whether you use our secure site or our toll-free phone line.