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Infiniti CV Boot

The Infiniti CV boot is important to the reliable function of the CV joint, helping to shield it from harm. The CV joint is an essential component, helping in the process that brings the power produced by the engine to the drive wheels of the vehicle. The CV joint must be protected from the harsh treatment of the elements and contamination from dirt and road debris to function well. This is the purpose for which the Infiniti CV boot is designed. The Infiniti CV boot is a protective rubber boot, built to fit around the CV joint and packed with heavy grease to lubricate and shield it from damage. There are two CV joints at each wheel, each one with its own Infiniti CV boot to protect it. The CV joint can fail very quickly if allowed to be contaminated with abrasive particles of dirt and debris, causing an inconvenient breakdown, with no power able to be transmitted to the wheel. The Infiniti CV boot can fail over time, cracking from exposure to the elements or becoming torn from the impact of road debris. If the Infiniti CV boot fails, allowing the grease it is packed with to leak away, the CV joint can fail very quickly without its protection. For this reason, periodic inspection of the Infiniti CV boot is wise. Done regularly, this simple task can save you a lot of unnecessary hassle and expense. We carry a selection of quality Infiniti CV boot replacements in our online catalog, all at very affordable prices. Our secure site will make it safe and easy to order your Infiniti CV boot or our toll-free phone line is just as convenient, with courteous customer service representatives to help you.