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Infiniti Door Handle

The Infiniti door handle is a convenient and dependable component, used to operate the latching system of the vehicle door. Used countless times to release the strong grip of the latching system and pull the heavy vehicle door open and closed, the Infiniti door handle holds up to a lot of hard use during the life of your vehicle. The Infiniti door handle triggers the latch mechanism that is located inside the door of your vehicle, allowing it to open freely when you enter or exit the vehicle, then latch securely to hold the door tightly closed as your vehicle moves down the road. The latching mechanism uses a rotor to grip a striker that is mounted to the door frame of the vehicle. This rotor grips the striker with a series of teeth, holding it securely until turned by the use of the Infiniti door handle to release its grip. This rotor can be operated with the use of either the interior Infiniti door handle or the exterior one, connected to both. If moisture invades the interior of the vehicle door, causing the latching mechanism to corrode, the job of the Infiniti door handle can become more difficult. A corroded latch mechanism can require more force to release its grip, causing excess wear on the Infiniti door handle, eventually causing it to fail. This can lead to a rather inconvenient situation, with the door stubbornly refusing to open with the use of the Infiniti door handle. We carry a selection of quality Infiniti door handle replacements in our online catalog. Our great prices and expert customer service will make it quick and convenient to order your Infiniti door handle, whether you use our secure site or dial our toll-free number.