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Infiniti EGR Valve

The Infiniti EGR valve is important to two vehicle systems, helping to add efficiency to both. Mounted on the intake manifold in most vehicles the Infiniti EGR valve is meant to assist in the control of pollution output and in the prevention of detonation in the combustion chambers of the engine. In late model vehicles, the Infiniti EGR valve is an electronic component, while in the older models it uses a vacuum connection to perform its function. The Infiniti EGR valve plays a role in the smooth operation of the engine by helping to promote a clean burn of fuel in the engine cylinders, which is the key to the most efficient production of engine power and performance. By discouraging detonation, or the explosion of fuel in the combustion chambers, the Infiniti EGR valve helps the engine to run at its best, decreasing the wear and stress placed upon vital engine parts. The Infiniti EGR valve gives valuable assistance to the emission control system as well, helping to reduce the harmful chemicals produced as the engine operates. The proper function of the Infiniti EGR valve is necessary to allow the vehicle to conform to the strict emission control regulations that have become common today. The Infiniti EGR valve is specifically calibrated to each engine model for which it is produced for the most efficient performance possible. Our online catalog carries a selection of quality Infiniti EGR valve replacements. Our great prices and user-friendly secure site will make ordering your Infiniti EGR valve safe and easy on our secure site or you can take advantage of our great customer service when you order on our toll-free phone line.