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Infiniti Fan Blade

The Infiniti fan blade is part of the efficient system that keeps the temperature of your engine at a safe level, preventing the damage that can be caused to the engine if it were allowed to overheat. The engine cooling system uses a flow of cool air to dissipate the heat of the engine, carried away from the engine by a liquid coolant solution that is circulated through the engine to lower its temperature. This coolant liquid travels on a continuous circuit, first through the engine, then through the radiator to dissipate the heat it has collected as it passes through the radiator cooling cores, before returning to the engine to repeat the process. As the liquid coolant passes through the radiator, cool air is drawn through the radiator to aid in the dissipation of the engine heat. This flow of cool air is drawn into the engine compartment through the grille, produced by the motion of the vehicle when it is traveling at normal driving speeds or assisted by the rotation of the Infiniti fan blade when the vehicle is moving slowly or idling. The Infiniti fan blade is powered by an electric motor in most late model vehicles, switching on to rotate the Infiniti fan blade only when its assistance is necessary to the cooling system. In some older model vehicles, a pulley that is attached to the engine is used to power the Infiniti fan blade, using a serpentine belt to transmit the power of the engine to the cooling fan. Our online catalog carries a selection of Infiniti fan blade replacements, all at great low prices. Our site is secure and efficient to make ordering easy, or our expert customer service staff will make it just as convenient to order your Infiniti fan blade when you dial our toll-free number.

Infiniti Fan Blade Models