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Infiniti Fuel Injector

Efficient and reliable in the delivery of the fine mist of fuel optimal for the burn of the fuel and air mixture that your combustion system uses to create the power that moves your vehicle, your Infiniti fuel injectors are hard working parts. Engineered with pure precision, the tiny inner parts of your Infiniti fuel injectors are almost always active when your engine is running, and after time, these parts experience wear and tear that reduces their performance gradually until the time comes that you'll need to replace them with a new set of Infiniti fuel injectors. When that time comes, you'll find an excellent selection of Infiniti fuel injectors in our well-organized online catalog, and they will be reasonably priced, just like the rest of our Infiniti parts and accessories. In addition to the stock style Infiniti fuel injectors, we also carry a variety of higher performing types, typically for use with engines that have had performance modifications of one sort or another. After you install your new set of Infiniti fuel injectors, there are certain steps that you can take to help them last longer, and one of the most important is to not neglect your fuel filter. A dirty fuel filter can allow gritty particulate matter to escape, which can clog the tiny tips of your Infiniti fuel injectors or can erode their precision engineered inner working parts. Another means of helping your Infiniti fuel injectors to last longer is to be very careful with those fuel additives that claim to clean your injectors, as some can cause more harm than good. When you're ready to order your new Infiniti fuel injectors, you can use our secure online ordering system or you can place your order with a quick toll-free phone call.