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Infiniti Headers

While there are many aftermarket customizations and additions that can improve the performance of your vehicle, few are as simple and affordable to install as a set of Infiniti headers. A set of Infiniti headers will bolt right up to factory made mounting points, taking surprisingly little of your time to install. Adding a set of Infiniti headers benefits the overall performance of your vehicle by helping it to use its horsepower more effectively, allowing more of it to be freed up for performance related applications. The reason that adding a set of Infiniti headers can accomplish that freeing up of horsepower is because it makes the path that the exhaust flows out of the combustion system less restrictive. The less restrictive pathway provided by a set of Infiniti headers means that the engine of your vehicle will not be using precious horsepower to push exhaust out, as the design allows a more natural outward flow. Unlike an exhaust manifold, a set of Infiniti headers provides each cylinder with its own little exhaust pipe, another factor that helps smoothness of flow. There are a variety of styles of headers to choose from, different performance levels and finishes, which means in addition to enhancing performance with a set of Infiniti headers, you can also create an eye catching custom look under the hood, as well. You'll find an excellent selection of Infiniti headers in our well-organized online catalog, always reasonably priced, made even more affordable by our standard policy of offering free ground shipping for all orders of $50 or more. You can place your Infiniti headers order either online, via our secure site, or by dialing our toll-free telephone number and placing your order directly with one of our skilled customer service specialists.

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