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Infiniti Knock Sensor

Your Infiniti knock sensor is an important part of helping to keep your vehicle running its best and also serves to help protect your precision-engineered combustion system parts, such as the piston walls. A sensitive automotive part, your Infiniti knock sensor detects the vibration produced by engine knock and pinging and signals the main computer of your vehicle that there is a problem. While engine knocking or pinging can be caused by a few different things, such as poor fuel quality, it often is a result of the timing of the burn being off, so once it receives the signal from the Infiniti knock sensor, it makes an adjustment to the timing. Keeping the timing of the burn at its best, which is just under the point of detonation, which is the little explosion that causes both the knocking noise and the vibration that the Infiniti knock sensor picks up, not only helps your vehicle use its fuel as efficiently as possible, but also protects the combustion system parts, as if the burn is happening too early or if the fuel is detonating, rather than burning, then it is probably happening in the wrong part of the combustion system and creating excessive heat that could damage piston walls and other parts. Thus, if you notice that your Infiniti knock sensor is not performing as it should, then you should replace it as soon as possible, as that is a repair that is much simpler and less expensive than having to deal with the damaged inner workings of your combustion system. You can find the correct Infiniti knock sensor replacement for your year and model, at an affordable price, in our easy-to-use online catalog, all ready to be ordered using either our secure site or our toll-free telephone number.