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Infiniti Radiator

Your Infiniti radiator serves to control, cool and calm the heat that occurs within your engine compartment, primarily due to the operation of the combustion system. Without an Infiniti radiator hard at work at the front of your engine compartment, not only will your engine buckle as a consequence of the heat and friction stress, but also any other part that aids your engine in performing its function. The constant temperature at which your Infiniti engine is most comfortable functioning at, or its ideal running temperature, doesn't just happen. This delicate balance is achieved by the ability of your Infiniti radiator to absorb and dissipate the heat from the incoming engine coolant, or antifreeze, sending it back towards the engine for redistribution much cooler than when it was received. If your Infiniti is overheating, and you have already checked your thermostat and other cooling system parts to make sure that they are properly functioning, then you probably need to offer your Infiniti radiator a bit of attention, checking hoses and connections. If your inspection reveals that those parts are fine and that it is actually your radiator itself that is giving you the problem, our online catalog carries Infiniti radiator replacements for many Infiniti models and years. Once you have found your Infiniti radiator on our easy to navigate online catalog, you may place your order on our securely encrypted ordering site. You may also choose to place your order via our toll-free number with one of our personable customer service specialists who would be glad to help you with your order. Orders of $50 or more are ground shipped for free, if desired, and our reliable and meticulous order processing center makes sure that each and every order gets the same attention and is handled and shipped with the same care as any other order. If you're in need of a new radiator, protect your engine from unnecessary heat stress by ordering your replacement Infiniti radiator without unnecessary delay.