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Infiniti Valve Cover

The Infiniti valve cover is a very important part in your vehicle, helping to maintain the efficient operation of many vital and sensitive engine parts. Mounted at the top of your engine, the Infiniti valve cover protects the engine drive train, enclosing it and helping to keep it properly lubricated for safe operation. The drive train is composed of a number of components that are crucial to the engine, such as the rocker arms, push rods, lifters and valve springs. In an overhead cam engine, the Infiniti valve cover protects a cam as well. These parts need a constant flow of engine oil to lubricate them as they function, preventing friction between them as they move. The oil is pumped through the push rods into this area under pressure to lubricate the valve train components, and then drains back down through a number of small drain holes to be picked up by the oil pump and recirculated. Even a small breach in the seal of the Infiniti valve cover can allow the oil to leak away, dripping out from the bottom of the Infiniti valve cover where it is mounted to the engine. Age or simple wear and tear can cause this seal to leak, or engine overheating can breach the seal by causing the Infiniti valve cover to warp. A warped Infiniti valve cover requires replacement to ensure a good seal, capable of keeping the engine oil contained in the Infiniti valve cover. Our online catalog carries a selection of Infiniti valve cover replacements at very reasonable prices. Our site is secure and efficient to make ordering your Infiniti valve cover safe and easy, or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience, staffed with expert customer service representatives to help you with your order.