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Jaguar Air Deflector

When you use a Jaguar air deflector on your vehicle, it makes it much easier to keep it looking just as good as a Jaguar should. There a few Jaguar air deflector types, those that are installed on the hood, the side windows and the rear windows. The Jaguar air deflector for the hood will help keep the windshield cleaner, as it is designed to redirect the flow of air, preventing it from hitting the windshield directly, instead directing it up and over the vehicle. As the flow of air is redirected by the hood's Jaguar air deflector, it takes with it most of that which it carries, including the insects that smash and smear into a sticky mess, road debris, such as gravel and small stones that can scratch and ding the hood, dulling its finish, and perhaps chip the windshield. A Jaguar air deflector on the hood can also help to make driving in bad weather a bit safer, as it deflects rain and snow, right along with the flow of air. A Jaguar air deflector installed over the rear window will help that back window to stay cleaner, as well. There is also a type of Jaguar air deflector designed for the side windows. These prevent wind and rain from coming in when riding with the windows open, and they also help to reduce the wind noise. When you have each of these types of Jaguar air deflector installed on your vehicle, you make your vehicle even more aerodynamic, decreasing wind resistance. With the decreased wind drag, your vehicle will probably get a bit better fuel mileage, as the engine won't be working as hard. Our online catalog features an attractive Jaguar air deflector selection, and you can order safely and easily online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number to place your order directly with one of our helpful customer service specialists.