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Jaguar Brake Caliper

Whenever you stop your car, truck, or SUV, your Jaguar brake calipers get quite a workout. Jaguar brake calipers are part of the disc brake system that is most commonly used on cars today. The Jaguar brake calipers are U-shaped parts that hold the brake pads against the discs when you depress the brake pedal, creating the friction that is necessary to stop your vehicle. There are two different types of Jaguar brake calipers. A fixed Jaguar brake caliper is rigid and uses one or two pistons. A floating or sliding Jaguar brake caliper moves slightly as it brings the outside pad into contact with the rotor. With a disc brake system, the Jaguar brake calipers are among the most common parts to go bad, as they are under extreme amounts of pressure. Signs that your Jaguar brake calipers may be faulty include "grabbing" brakes, noises such as clicking, squealing, or scraping, and pulling to one side when you come to a stop. Loose or misaligned Jaguar brake calipers often cause pulling or grabbing. There is also the potential for your Jaguar brake calipers to freeze, which leads to an inability to connect the pads to the discs. Leaking brake fluid is a common cause of Jaguar brake caliper failure, as the moisture it contains can rust out the springs or the inside of the caliper. If you need to replace your Jaguar brake caliper, browse our online catalogue to find the right parts for the job. You may also want to order a new set of brake pads via our secure online server or toll-free number along with your Jaguar brake calipers, as brake pads tend to wear down fast and should generally be replaced whenever you have brake work done on your vehicle.