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Jaguar Brake Disc

The Jaguar brake disc, also commonly referred to as a rotor, is an essential part of a disc brake system. This common braking system consists of the Jaguar brake disc, brake pads, and brake calipers, which are hydraulic clamps used to hold the pads against the disc. The one-piece Jaguar brake disc generates friction with the brake pads when they are held against it in order to bring your car, truck, or SUV to a safe and complete stop. Air circulating between the surfaces of the disc and the pads keep the Jaguar brake disc cool, since all that friction could easily create red-hot metal, while the rotating action of the disc throws off dirt and water to keep the moving parts of the brakes clean. With proper care, your Jaguar brake disc can last for a long time. The most important aspect of maintaining your Jaguar brake discs is to ensure you change your brake pads regularly. When the powdered metal or synthetic lining of the brake pads wears down to expose the metal plate, the action of braking will damage your Jaguar brake discs. Sometimes you will simply have to replace your Jaguar brake disc. If the brakes shudder or grind loudly when you stop, or the disc is wobbly or contains scoring or grooves, you need a new Jaguar brake disc. Browse our extensive online catalogue for the Jaguar brake disc that fits your vehicle's make and model. If you need new Jaguar brake discs, your brake pads are probably due for a change as well. When you order via our toll-free number or secure online server, you can get both parts delivered right to your door.