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Jaguar Brake Pad Set

Your Jaguar brake pads are one of the few parts on your car, truck, or SUV that are made with the intention of wearing down. This is not a ploy on the part of car manufacturers to force you into spending more money on replacement parts. Rather, your Jaguar brake pads are constructed to safely stop your vehicle while providing longer-lasting protection for your more expensive rotors. Jaguar brake pads are metal plates outfitted with a thick lining that is either glued or riveted to the plate's surface. The linings of Jaguar brake pads are generally made with either powdered soft metals such as copper or bronze, or softer high-temperature organic resins and fillers. Each type of lining allows for different performance purposes from your Jaguar brake pads. Metallic Jaguar brake pad lining creates powerful braking efficiency for high performance vehicles such as racecars and emergency vehicles. The trade-off involved with metallic Jaguar brake pads is that they wear the rotors down faster. Organic Jaguar brake pads are far easier on your rotors, but must be changed more frequently. Whether you use organic or metallic Jaguar brake pads, it is important to make sure you replace them as soon as it becomes necessary. Once the lining reaches a thickness of between one-quarter and one-eighth inch, it is time to replace your Jaguar brake pads; any less, and you risk gouging your rotors or snapping your calipers. Since Jaguar brake pads cost far less than rotors and calipers, it is to your benefit to replace them right away. Find the Jaguar brake pads you need in our extensive online catalogue, and enjoy the added benefit of door-to-door delivery when you place your order through our secure online server or toll-free number.

Jaguar Brake Pad Set Models