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Jaguar Clutch Kit

If you enjoy driving, you may have opted for a manual transmission in order to get the most power and the best handling from your Jaguar. However, there are a number of factors that can contribute to manual clutch failure. Picking up a new Jaguar clutch kit will allow you to restore your transmission to its former performance level. Jaguar clutch kits include three major components: a clutch pressure plate, friction plate, and release bearings. You will need a Jaguar clutch kit if your springs are weak, your bearing disintegrates or makes noise, or your clutch disc does not engage properly. Problems with your clutch can occur through normal system wear. However, they can also occur through poor maintenance or driving habits. It is a good idea to determine the cause of clutch failure before you install a new Jaguar clutch kit in order to prevent recurring problems. You may even want to consider installing a high performance Jaguar clutch kit that will provide your car, truck, or SUV with better engagement for harder launches, faster shifts, and improved handling capabilities. Browse our extensive online catalogue for the Jaguar clutch kit that fits your vehicle's make and model. Your clutch system may also include pilot bushings or bearings. If so, you will find all the parts you need in our premium Jaguar clutch kits. You can place your order for a new Jaguar clutch kit through our secure online server, or take advantage of our toll-free service number to speak with our knowledgeable staff. If your manual transmission is not providing you with the power it used to, invest in a new Jaguar clutch kit to restore your driving experience.

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