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Jaguar Coil Springs

Located above the wheel wells of your car, truck, or SUV are your Jaguar coil springs. Jaguar coil springs are the foundation of your vehicle's suspension system, which works to keep your vehicle from settling against the tires and give you a smooth ride. Your Jaguar coil springs contribute to the appearance of your vehicle as well as the handling. If you notice that your car, truck, or SUV seems to be sitting lower than it used to, you probably have a worn set of Jaguar coil springs. Additionally, a bumpy ride or vehicles that bounce or jar excessively when you hit potholes or dips in the road can be indicative of the need for new Jaguar coil springs. As you may expect, Jaguar coil springs are large metal springs that absorb road shocks and support the weight of your vehicle. Over time, your Jaguar coil springs will compress and lose tension, resulting in less shock control and settling. Road salt can also corrode your Jaguar coil springs faster than normal wear. You can replace your Jaguar coil springs to restore your suspension system. You can also install custom Jaguar coil springs that will alter the appearance and the handling power of your vehicle. If you want a low-hanging ride that still absorbs road shocks, you can pick up a set of Jaguar coil springs that show off your wheels instead of your wheel wells. For improved handling characteristics, consider a set of high-performance Jaguar coil springs. Our extensive online catalogue contains a great selection of Jaguar coil springs, so you can match your selection to your vehicle's make and model. Take advantage of convenient ordering through our toll-free number or using our secure online server, and get your Jaguar coil springs delivered straight to your door.