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Jaguar Cooling Fan HUB

With all the friction and power your engine generates, it can get hot under your hood. The Jaguar cooling fan is an essential part of the cooling system of your car, truck, or SUV. Your Jaguar cooling fan works in conjunction with your radiator to remove excess heat from your engine and provide sufficient air to cool those hard-working engine parts. Overheating can cause serious problems with your vehicle, and without a functioning Jaguar cooling fan, you are bound to experience overheating. The Jaguar cooling fan is mounted on one side of your radiator, usually between the radiator and the engine. The purpose of the Jaguar cooling fan is to draw the cool air that enters through the grille toward the radiator and assist in lowering the temperature of the hot water and coolant mixture the radiator contains. The Jaguar cooling fan operates using either an electric motor or a fan clutch that is connected to the water pump pulley with a belt drive. In either case, the Jaguar cooling fan saves power by operating only when it is needed. With a fan clutch, the Jaguar cooling fan turns on when the temperature in the water pump reaches a certain point. Jaguar cooling fan motors contain electronic sensors that measure the temperature of the coolant and activate or turn off the fan as necessary. Some vehicles also come with an auxiliary Jaguar cooling fan for added efficiency. You can replace your stock fan with a high performance Jaguar cooling fan that requires less horsepower to operate while simultaneously allowing more air to circulate around the radiator. If you need to replace your Jaguar cooling fan or you want to install a high performance fan for increased power from your engine, you will find the part you need in our extensive online catalogue.