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Jaguar CV Boot

Your Jaguar CV boot is one of the most important gaskets on your vehicle. You will find a Jaguar CV boot protecting the CV joints on each end of your vehicle's axle shaft assembly. In the case of the Jaguar CV boot and joints, CV stands for constant velocity. This refers to the function of the parts: the Jaguar CV boot and joints provide torque transfer from your engine to your wheels, and they are constantly moving whenever you drive your car, truck, or SUV. The function of the Jaguar CV boot is to contain the heavily lubricated CV joints and shield these delicate systems from any contaminants or road debris. Without an intact Jaguar CV boot, the lubricant that packs the CV joint will quickly become dirty and damage the joint. Once your Jaguar CV boot has been compromised, you will typically need to replace the CV joint entirely. In order to maintain the integrity of your Jaguar CV boot, you should visually inspect them with every oil change. Replace your Jaguar CV boot at the first sign of weakness or cracking. If the Jaguar CV boot is ripped, it is likely that the damage to the CV joint has already been done, and you should replace it with a new joint and a freshly sealed Jaguar CV boot. Flushing contaminants from your Jaguar CV boot is possible, but it is a messy job and prone to failure if it is not performed exactly right. You can replace your damaged Jaguar CV boots and joints by selecting your vehicle's make and model from our extensive online catalogue. Enjoy your choice of convenient ordering via our secure online server or by calling our toll-free service number.