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Jaguar Cylinder Head Gasket

The Jaguar head gasket is perhaps the most important gasket you will find on your car, truck, or SUV. The function of the Jaguar head gasket is to stop exhaust gases from leaking out of your engine, while at the same time keeping both coolant and engine oil from leaking into your combustion chambers. Your Jaguar head gasket does a big job, particularly considering that it is just a simple piece of thin metal. Replacing your Jaguar head gasket can be an expensive and time-consuming prospect, but you will find it is far better to replace a failing head gasket than to wait until it blows and end up having to replace your entire engine. Some of the signs that your Jaguar head gasket is nearing failure include leaking oil or transmission that puddle under your car, white smoke emitting from your tailpipe, a frequent "low coolant" warning that forces you to refill your coolant reservoir often, engine oil in your coolant, or conversely, coolant in your engine oil. Any of these symptoms may point to a failing Jaguar head gasket. If you suspect your Jaguar head gasket will need to be replaced soon, you can try checking for bubbles in the radiator coolant supply while the engine is running. The only sure way to diagnose a bad Jaguar head gasket is to purchase or rent a leakdown tester and air compressor, and test your cylinders for leaks. If the tests determine that you have a faulty Jaguar head gasket, order your replacement parts from our convenient online catalogue right away, before the head gasket blows and causes irreparable engine damage. Your new Jaguar head gasket will be shipped right to your door.