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Jaguar Fan Blade

The radiator fan mounted on one side of your radiator has four or more Jaguar fan blades. Your Jaguar fan blades are a crucial part of your vehicle's cooling system. The Jaguar fan blades provide the additional cooling power your hard-working engine needs to maintain an optimal operating temperature. The radiator alone is not enough to prevent your engine from overheating. Even when your vehicle is moving, the outside air can't reach your radiator without your Jaguar fan blades to pull the air inside. You may think your car, truck, or SUV expends a lot of extra power to operate your Jaguar fan blades, but in reality your radiator fan is designed to only turn on when it is needed. The Jaguar fan blades are powered by either a fan clutch that is attached to the water pump pulley, or a small electric motor. If your Jaguar fan blades are attached to a motor, there are sensors that measure the temperature of the coolant and turn the fan on when it reaches a certain point. Jaguar fan blades that run with a fan clutch are activated in conjunction with the water pump. If your vehicle is overheating, you can check to see that your Jaguar fan blades are working by turning on the air conditioning while the engine is running. You should be able to hear your Jaguar fan blades start to spin. When you need a replacement Jaguar fan blade, fan motor or fan clutch, you will find the part that is manufactured for your vehicle's make and model in our vast, easy to navigate online catalogue. Don't wait to replace your faulty Jaguar fan blades, especially when overheating can cause more extensive damage to your engine.