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Jaguar Fuel Filter

When you fill up at the gas station, you probably aren't thinking about your Jaguar fuel filter. Just outside your gas tank is a Jaguar fuel filter that has the important job of removing impurities, moisture, and other contaminants from your gasoline before it enters your fuel injection system. Like any other filter, your Jaguar fuel filter can become clogged over time with normal use. A clogged Jaguar fuel filter can cause a variety of problems, including hard starting, hesitation, and power loss. The manufacturer's guidelines for newer vehicles often do not specify a recommendation for changing your Jaguar fuel filter, and some may claim to have "lifetime" Jaguar fuel filters that never need changing. However, car manufacturers are not responsible for supplying gas stations with fuel, and even the best maintained gasoline supplies can contain impurities and contaminants. Additionally, moisture will inevitably find its way into your gas tank, which causes corrosion and rust that can flake off and mix with your fuel. Whatever the age of your car, truck, or SUV, it is a good idea to change your Jaguar fuel filter once a year. If you have not changed your Jaguar fuel filter in a while, you can test it to find out whether it is clogged. Some people believe that looking at a Jaguar fuel filter will reveal whether it should be changed, but discoloration of your Jaguar fuel filter does not necessarily mean it is no longer working. To find out whether your Jaguar fuel filter is clogged, remove the filter and blow through it. If you encounter only minimal resistance, your Jaguar fuel filter should still be effective. However, if air does not pass through the filter, it is time to replace it. Browse our extensive online catalogue for the Jaguar fuel filter that goes with your vehicle and have it shipped right to your door.