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Jaguar Fuel Injector

Whenever you depress your gas pedal, your Jaguar fuel injectors go into action. The function of your Jaguar fuel injectors is to control the spray of fuel into your engine. Pressure on the gas pedal opens the Jaguar fuel injectors to start the combustion cycle that moves your car forward. Maintaining your Jaguar fuel injectors is an important step in the preservation of your vehicle's torque and fuel efficiency. Clogged or dirty Jaguar fuel injectors will limit the amount of fuel that is sent into your cylinders, forcing you to press harder on the accelerator to achieve the same power as your formerly light touch provided. Other common symptoms of Jaguar fuel injector problems include engine knocking, loss of power, detonations or misfires, or a noticeable drop in your gas mileage. Sometimes you can solve your Jaguar fuel injector woes with a bottle of fuel injector cleaner, which is simply poured into your fuel tank. However, fuel leaks or shortages in the circuits and sensors that control your Jaguar fuel injectors can often cause permanent damage, which will necessitate replacement of your Jaguar fuel injectors. Regardless of damage, it is good practice to replace your Jaguar fuel injectors every 40,000 miles in order to maintain optimum fuel efficiency. With the high cost of gasoline today, fuel efficiency is an important consideration for every vehicle owner. You can place your order for new Jaguar fuel injectors or fuel injector cleaner quickly and conveniently by browsing our extensive online catalogue. You will find the Jaguar fuel injectors that are manufactured for your vehicle, and you can choose to order either through our toll-free number or via our secure online server.