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Jaguar Hitch

You may have purchased your Jaguar car, truck, or SUV with the intention of towing something, whether it is an eight-foot trailer or a thirty-foot boat. If this is the case, you will need to install a Jaguar hitch. There are two basic types of Jaguar hitches: the weight carrying hitch and the weight distributing hitch. The weight carrying Jaguar hitch is the most popular type. These Jaguar hitches attach to the frame of your vehicle and provide a simple connection point for the object you are towing. The weight carrying Jaguar hitch is most often used to attach small or medium sized trailers. For heavier towing loads, you will need a weight distributing Jaguar hitch. This type of Jaguar hitch consists of two parts: the receiver, which is bolted to the frame of your vehicle; and the spring bar assembly, which provides the connection point for the tow load. The weight distributing Jaguar hitch balances the tow load between the wheels of your vehicle and the wheels of the towing trailer or mechanism, which allows for improved braking and steering control. There are several factors you should consider when deciding which type of Jaguar hitch you are going to install. You should determine the total weight of your tow load, including the trailer, and compare it with your vehicle's tow rating. This will allow you to figure out the maximum safe weight you can attach to your Jaguar hitch. When you use a Jaguar hitch, ensure that you keep the tow load's center of gravity as low to the ground as possible. Also, try to distribute the cargo weight so that 60 percent is in the front half of the trailer, and the remaining 40 percent is in the rear. Remember to drive at slower speeds when you are towing with a Jaguar hitch and allow yourself more braking room. You can order your Jaguar hitch from our extensive online catalogue through your choice of our toll-free number or secure online server.