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Jaguar Mirror

How much do you think about your Jaguar mirrors? Your Jaguar mirrors are a necessary safety feature. Typically, your car, truck, or SUV will have at least three Jaguar mirrors: the two side view mirrors and the rear view mirror. The side view Jaguar mirrors are mounted on the driver's and passenger's side door, just beneath the lower edge of the window toward the hood end. Usually, side view Jaguar mirrors are either contained in rounded plastic housing or mounted on metal brackets. These mirrors are used primarily on highways to check behind the vehicle for traffic before changing lanes. The rear view Jaguar mirror is mounted on the interior of the windshield at the top center. Rear view Jaguar mirrors usually contain a ball joint which allows for rotating adjustment, and are used for changing lanes as well as backing up. Some rear view Jaguar mirrors are contain an automatic dimming feature for night driving, while others use a manual switch for dimming. Many rear view Jaguar mirrors are equipped with map lights on the bottom edge. Jaguar mirrors may also be installed as extra features, such as oversized bracket mount mirrors that are used when towing. Broken Jaguar mirrors pose a driving safety hazard, and the rear view Jaguar mirror assembly can become detached from the windshield. Purchasing replacement Jaguar mirrors is easy when you browse our vast online catalogue. We will ship your new Jaguar mirrors right to your door. Enjoy your choice of ordering options through our secure online server or by calling our toll-free customer service number. Replacement Jaguar mirrors are inexpensive, so don't put off repairing your broken Jaguar mirrors.