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Jaguar Oil Pan

Your Jaguar oil pan does more than act as a reservoir for your engine oil. The Jaguar oil pan is a major part of your engine's cooling system. Typically, you will find your Jaguar oil pan mounted at the bottom of the crankcase, where it collects the oil that flows down the sides of the crankcase when your vehicle is not running or at rest. Jaguar oil pans are generally constructed of thin steel and shaped with a deep section to collect oil runoff. Your Jaguar oil pan also houses the oil pump that supplies lubrication and cooling to your engine. Jaguar oil pans are equipped with a removable drain plug to allow for oil changes. Some drain plugs in a Jaguar oil pan contain a magnet that collects any metal fragments that make their way into your engine oil due to rust, corrosion or flaking. Most drain plugs are fitted with a washer that helps to prevent leaks. However, Jaguar oil pans are more prone to leaking than any other part of your engine. In general, leaks in your Jaguar oil pan will occur around the drain plug or at the bolt holes when the bolts are over-tightened. If the Jaguar oil pan is bent and leaking, it is generally better to replace it rather than trying to hammer out the imperfections. You should also replace your Jaguar oil pan if it is rusted, corroded, or breached. If the drain plug becomes rusted or cross-threaded, damage can occur to the drain when it is removed. You should replace the Jaguar oil pan when the drain plug no longer fits snugly in the hole. In our vast online catalogue, you will find the Jaguar oil pan that fits your vehicle's make and model in stock and ready to ship right to your door.