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Jaguar Radiator

Overheating is a motorist's least favorite problem. That is why it's so important to take care of your Jaguar radiator. The Jaguar radiator is the centralized system that works to keep your engine cool and running at optimal temperatures. Your Jaguar radiator is a hard-working piece of equipment, whether it is cooling down hot metal on a sweltering summer day or preventing your moving parts from freezing in sub-zero winter temperatures. In most vehicles, you will find your Jaguar radiator located in front of the engine block, just behind your grille and front fascia. A cooling fan is mounted between your Jaguar radiator and your engine that pulls in outside air to help lower the temperature of the super-heated coolant your Jaguar radiator handles. Jaguar radiators usually fail for one of two reasons: leaks, or corrosion and clogging. Corrosion and clogging occurs through normal wear as particles of rust and debris settle in your coolant mixture. You can keep the corrosion and clogging in your Jaguar radiator to a minimum by performing coolant flushes according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Leaks in your Jaguar radiator can occur in various ways. Front impact collisions often damage the Jaguar radiator first, since it is so close to the front of your vehicle. If your engine mounts weaken, the weight of your engine can push against your radiator fan, and the blades can damage your Jaguar radiator. If your Jaguar radiator is severely corroded, damaged, or leaking, you should replace it right away in order to prevent the damage that your engine is subject to through overheating. Browse our extensive online catalogue for the replacement Jaguar radiator that fits your vehicle's make and model.