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Jaguar XK8 Mirrors

Fixing Up Your Jaguar Xk8 Mirrors

Usually, there are two types of mirrors that can be found in your Jaguar Xk8-the side-view mirrors and the rear-view mirrors. These mirrors are extremely important not for vanity's sake but for safety purposes. They allow you to see the road behind you, thus making you aware of the situation of vehicles at your back. Jaguar Xk8 mirrors are also very helpful in accurately parking your car, so you must know how to deal with them should signs of damage or malfunction come up. Here are ways on how to fix some common types of damage on your Jaguar Xk8 mirrors:


Scratches are minor yet perennial nuisance that you normally deal with when it comes to mirrors. Sometimes, they simply show up without giving you any clue as to how they got there. To remove these annoying scratches from your mirrors, you need to prepare a few things: non-gel toothpaste, a polishing pad or buffing ball, and a glass cleaner or glass cleaning solution.

Remember to clean the mirrors before doing the repair. Make sure that they are free from dirt or any road debris. Then, you can proceed to applying a thick layer of toothpaste on the surface of the mirrors where the scratches are. Afterwards, buff the mirrors and clean them. If the scratches are still visible after several times of buffing, consider replacing your mirrors.

Broken or cracked

For broken or severely cracked mirrors, replacing them is the only option. Cracks can be very distracting, and they prevent you from having a clear and flawless view. If the glass on your mirror is already shattered, carefully pulling the pieces out would be fine. However, if it is still mostly intact, you could pop the glass out using a putty knife. To make its removal easier, you need to melt the glue holding the mirror by applying heat. Using a hair dryer will do. Then, use silicone adhesive to secure the new glass onto the frame.


Discoloration commonly appears on rear-view mirrors with auto dimming feature. It is indicated by a split in coloration due to a fluid that damages the electro chromatic coating of your mirror, causing the top portion to appear lighter than the bottom area. In this case, a replacement will be needed.

  • Keeping Your Jaguar Xk8 Mirrors Functional and Spotless

    Your Jaguar Xk8 is equipped with reliable mirrors, which are essential in your driving. These components conveniently provide you with a view of the road situation behind you. They are also capable of aiding you in safely maneuvering your car-may it be making turns, backing up, or parking. However, mirrors-whatever type they may be-are all fragile to a certain degree. They can get easily damaged especially when they are not properly taken care of. Regularly inspecting them would definitely help a lot in making sure they are in good condition. Aside from that, the following tips can help keep your Jaguar Xk8 mirrors fully functional:


    Dirty mirrors prevent you from having a clear view, and they make your car look ugly. So to keep your mirrors spotless, you only need to clean them regularly and thoroughly. It's not enough that you wipe them with a clean cloth. Make sure to use cleaning products that are really safe for the kind of material that mirrors are made of. Glass cleaner and lint-free cloth are the most recommended.

    Also, meticulously look for scratches, hardened water spots, or haze on the surface of your mirrors. They can be easily removed by applying whitening toothpaste and then buffing.


    Make sure that your mirrors are properly adjusted-there must be no blind spots. For the rear-view mirror, you only need to check if you can see through the rear window from the driver's seat. Then, to ensure correct placement of your side mirrors, lean your head against the window and simply adjust the mirror until you can see the side of your vehicle.


    Sometimes, you may find your mirrors deeply scratched, broken, or severely damaged. In this case, replacing them should be a priority. First, make sure you have all the proper tools to get this job done correctly. You would have to remove the door panels before you can take out the side-view mirrors. On the other hand, rear-view mirrors need to be removed with great care to avoid damaging the windshield. Once the broken mirrors are out, simply screw or snap the replacement mirrors into place.