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YOUR NEXT CAR Which Vehicle is Right For You?

Purchasing a car, whether new or used, is a big decision for most people. You will likely live with (and pay for) the choice you make for at least the next few years, so do not make snap decisions.

Start by following the 3 Steps listed below.  They will help you sort through the sometimes overwhelming array of choices you must deal with just to select the right vehicle for you.

Follow these 3 steps to find the perfect car for you


Read Our Road Tests
Don't buy that next car until you
 see what our Road Test Reviews have to say about it.

Check Our Photo Gallery
Want to see what your next car looks like without running to the showroom?  Our Photo Gallery is loaded with pictures of the new vehicles from all the angles, both inside and out.

Check the Manufacturers Web Site
Here is a complete list of web site links to all the auto manufacturers official sites.  Get current information right from the horse's mouth.



Should I keep my old car or buy a new one?

Should I buy a USED or NEW car?

What about a high mileage car?

Should I buy from a private party or a dealer?

Should I buy from used car auctions that are open to the public?

How can I verify that I am getting the right deal?  
How can I protect myself from buying a lemon?

Examine your priorities before you go car shopping.  By being methodical, you can avoid impulse buying, which salespeople love, but which you may later regret.

Click on each quality below to learn more about what to look for

Front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or all wheel drive?

Stick shift or automatic?

Large car or small car?

Minivan, full size van, sport utility, station wagon, or pickup truck?

What is the difference between a car costing $12,000 and one for $35,000 
(or one for $80,000 for that matter).  What am I paying for?

What options should I look for?

Now, Let's Narrow the Search
Here are some tips to help you sell your old car and find that perfect new or used car

Thinking about buying a Used Hybrid?
How to Get Comfortable When Buying a Second Hand Hybrid.  A new article by Lauren Fix, the Car Coach

Beware of Flood Damaged Cars:
How to avoid buying a flood damaged car.  What to do if your car was caught in a flood.  A new article by Lauren Fix, the Car Coach

Read our Road Tests  We test cars and trucks in ways you never could in a 5 minute road test.  These road tests shake out how a car rides, feels and performs.  We tell you what special features set a vehicle apart from the crowd and we try to flush out features that you may grow to hate.

The Backseat Drive:
An article that reviews the kid friendliness of cars

Cars of the (near) Future:
See what auto manufacturers have in store for you in the near future

Check the Manufacturer's Web Site  Here is a list of all the auto manufacturer web sites.  Most will let you build and price a car and see what it will look like in the color of your choice.

Looking for that special used car?
Click Here to locate that car in your area.

Want a place to list your car for sale?
for a FREE listing, go to

Try before you Buy.  Check out what GM is doing to help you decide
The GM Auto Show in Motion is touring the country to give everyone a chance to actually drive their vehicles along with vehicles from other manufacturers.  Other manufactures are also getting in on the act.

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