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Ford, which has consistently been on top of the list of best-selling vehicles in the United States, is intending to launch an all-new digital platform that aims to make buying used vehicles a better experience for customers.

Earlier this year, the Blue Oval launched digital kiosks so car owners can easily check their vehicles in for service. Now, the company is taking things up a notch by working on soon releasing a digital marketplace referred to as the Ford Blue Advantage.

Ford announced the project during an annual meeting with its US dealer network. According to the company, the objective of Ford Blue Advantage is to make it easier for customers to find certified used vehicles across the country.

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The Blue Oval, through the Ford Blue Advantage, is looking to attract potential buyers with an affinity for online shopping.

About 3,100 Ford dealers in the US can benefit from the digital platform, and, according to The Detroit News, there are around 1 million used Ford vehicles being sold at these dealerships every year.

More than this reach, the Ford Blue Advantage is also looking to attract potential buyers with an affinity for online shopping, as confirmed by Ford CEO Jim Farley, who described the company’s new undertaking as “perfectly suited for the digital retailing world.”

Other than the announcement, Ford did not divulge any other information on the soon-to-launch project. The company said more details will be released in the first quarter of 2021, possibly before the arrival of highly anticipated nameplates such as the Bronco, Bronco Sport, Mustang Mach-E, and the next-gen F-150.

Aside from the Ford Blue Advantage, Ford is also working on the new improvements for its FordPass Rewards customer loyalty program, which currently has 5.5 million members.

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