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Toyota Avalon Bumper Covers

Causes Behind Issues of Toyota Avalon Bumper Covers

We think every driver out there, when stuck in traffic, had thought about forcing his way through by ramming all the cars out of the way. If you haven't, then we're guessing you were deprived of the awesome racing games when you were young. The sound of scratching metal, shouting drivers, and loud horns as well as the sight of an open space after a tight traffic are surreal-according to the games we played. But before you put your foot on the pedal and decide to experience the feeling yourself, we recommend that you first check your car's bumper cover. Bumper covers reduce the impact of crashes as well as improve the look of your car; in time, they can show signs of wearing out or get damaged. To help you during these times, we discussed the reasons behind some common problems with the Toyota Avalon bumper covers.

Crazed paint and/or coating

There may come a time when you notice that the paint or coating of your bumper cover has cracks, making the natural color of the cover visible. The cracks aren't because of the brand of the paint or coating you used so you can't blame the manufacturers. Crazed paint or coating is usually caused by a crappy paint job so blame the service shop or yourself. Among the things that could've gone wrong, the most usual scenario is that car owners fail to let the paint and coat layers dry before putting another layer. If you plan to troubleshoot this, we recommend that you remove the entire paint job first before properly doing the task. If left unsolved, the cracks on the paint and coating will eventually rust and damage the cover.

Wrong fit

Bumper covers are, yet again, another part that needs to be compatible with your car model and year variation. They need to sit properly on both the bumper and the hood. If you find yourself with a bumper cover that is an inch too long or too short, then you likely have the wrong part. A sign of this problem is a gap in between the bumper assembly and the hood. It is best to consult the car manual before buying a bumper cover.

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  • Easy Maintenance Tricks for Your Toyota Avalon Bumper Covers 27 February 2013

    Have you ever wondered what your car parts would say, if they can, a second before you hit a light post? Your car's hood and front assembly would probably laugh at the bumper because it'll be the most damaged part; the bumper would probably thank the bumper cover because it'll lessen the impact; and the bumper cover would just probably be praying or cursing. Who protects your car's bumper cover? The simple answer would be: you, as its owner. It is important to take proper care of the bumper covers so you can lessen the impact and damage of a car crash as well as lessen the number of prayers the cover need to recite. To help you out, we listed a few tips on how you can take care of Toyota Avalon bumper covers.

    Inspect the bolts and clips

    Car bumper covers are normally held in place by bolts and clips on the edges. In time, these can wear out and get loose because of the constant shakes caused by the rough road. We recommend that you inspect the bolts and clips at least twice a year; make sure they are torqued on properly and that there are no rusts. You can, of course, do this more often or as soon as you notice too much space in between the bumper cover and the bumper.

    Wipe the covers regularly

    This is one of the basic ways to take care of the bumper cover. Since it is exposed to the environment, it is a great spot for a buildup of dust, road grime, pebbles, and insects. It would be best if you could make sure that the cover is cleaned well during car washes, but regular wiping would do. You can even opt to clean the cover after driving on dusty or sandy roads.

    Paint and coat it properly

    Most car owners paint and coat their Toyota Avalon bumper covers for aesthetic purposes. However, you should know that the paint and coating lessens the rate of oxidation. In simple terms, it means that painted or coated bumper covers cover will likely rust slower. This not only prolongs the service life of the part but helps customize your car as well.