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Toyota Corolla Bumper Covers

Toyota Corolla Bumper Covers: Three Usual Signs that They're Wearing down

Your Toyota Corolla bumper covers don't only protect the bumpers and other parts located in front and at the back of your vehicle, but they also give your ride a stylish and distinct look. However, the bumper covers will show signs of wearing down like fading and cracking through constant use. When you already notice some of these signs, you should do some troubleshooting. Here are some of the issues you might encounter:

Rattling noise

When you hear a rattling sound in front or behind your car while you're driving along the road, the sound may come from loose Toyota Corolla bumper covers. This may be caused by broken and damaged plastic brackets inside the bumper covers. However, you have to remove the covers first to know the real culprits because the problem may also be an effect of loosely attached bolts or screws. Using the right type and size of tools will help remove the bumper covers easier and will help avoid damage.

Flaking or chipping paint

The paint on your Toyota Corolla bumper covers will fade over time and you might see it flake or chip as well. Aside from that, however, the fading or chipping may have been caused by a minor collision which tore the paint until it started to peel off. To stop the paint from flaking and chipping, you must repaint the bumper cover. But before you buy the paint, you have to determine your Toyota Corolla's paint color code. This code is usually located on the information plate that is usually found under the car's hood. You will notice that the code is a series of letters and numbers.

Cracked bumper cover

A crack on your Toyota Corolla bumper covers is a common occurrence because it's already a part of a car's usual wear and tear. It's certainly annoying to see every day, and if it's not repaired immediately, it may lead to bigger damage. However, if the crack is still small and manageable, you can repair it using soldering iron, sandpaper, and automotive polish. What you need to do is to weld the cracked portion using the soldering iron and to rub the welded area using sandpaper to make the surface smooth after you've welded it.

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  • Toyota Corolla Bumper Covers: Three Helpful Tips to Keep Them in Good Shape

    Just like the body and the fenders of your car, the Toyota Corolla bumper covers have to be kept clean and maintained properly to achieve that brand-new look each time your vehicle is on the road. However, since the bumpers are located on the outside of your car, dirt and grime from the polluted air can stick and accumulate on the surface of the bumper covers if they're not cleaned regularly. You can follow the simple cleaning tips listed below, as well as some useful hints on how to keep your bumper covers in good shape.

    Wash your car's bumper covers on a regular basis.

    Washing your Toyota Corolla bumper covers is an easy task which only requires simple materials such as automotive soap, soft sponge, and water. You can also use undiluted white vinegar to remove spots or mineral deposits on the bumper covers' surface. However, if dirt has stuck on the bumpers' surface and become difficult to remove even after washing it, you can use a soft bristle brush to scrub the plastic bumpers. You have to scrub it gently in a circular motion to avoid marks on the surface.

    Restore the areas of the bumper cover that have faded.

    Aside from your car's old age, another reason why the paint on your car's bumper cover fades is the sun's UV rays. Its harmful effects cause the paint to look dull and worn out. To make the bumper cover look bright once again, you have to restore it by buffing the faded areas. You can use a soft cotton towel on the portions that the buffer can't reach. To achieve a glossy and shiny finish, you can apply car polish after you have buffed the faded portions of the bumper cover.

    Remove the Toyota Corolla bumper covers properly.

    When you need to remove the bumper covers of your Toyota Corolla, make sure that you do the proper way to avoid damaging the plastic bumper covers. It is important that you have the right tools before you begin removing them. A floor jack and jack stands can make the work easier by giving you more room to move since you'll need to remove the screws and bolts underneath your car. You should support the bumper cover while you're detaching it and don't just let it dangle or drop unevenly.