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Usual Problems of an Audi S4 Cam Plug

In every car model released in the market, the camshaft plug plays an important role in helping the vehicle give an optimum performance all the time. The cam plug is part of the camshaft mechanism that works to convert circular motion into an oscillatory motion. It rotates twice after the crankshaft rotates for the compression process. The plugs are located on the rear part of the engine where it covers the exhaust camshafts. But like any other car part, your Audi S4 cam plug also gets worn out after a couple of months or years due to various reasons. And when this happens, it may affect the functionality of the mechanism, and the car as a whole. Here are some of the common problems you may encounter on your cam plug:

Broken cam plug

Each of the cam plugs in an Audi S4 is usually made from durable material. However, there comes a time when its integrity withers and the part starts to get damaged. One of the most common problems that car owners encounter is a broken cam plug. If you notice that your cam plug is in bad shape, it might be because of a broken part. It could be cause by a strong impact on the plug or you might have dropped the plug during one of your cleaning sessions. But whatever the cause of the problem is, make sure to get a replacement right away.

Ill-fitting cam plug

It may also come to a point when your car's cam plug no longer fits your car engine properly. The cam plug is supposed to serve as a cover on the rear parts of your engine so the compression procedure is not affected by other particles or substances. But if your cam plug is ill-fitting, you might have difficulties in sealing the engine. When you reseal the engine with your cam plug, take time to assess whether it still fits or not. If you think that your cam plug could no longer cover the engine in the best way possible, it the problem could be on the camshaft seal or it might be time for replacement.

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  • Keeping the Audi S4 Cam Plug in Good Condition 27 February 2013

    Keeping your Audi S4 cam plug in perfect shape also requires time and effort. You cannot just expect your cam plug to work incessantly with the engine and exhaust systems of your car, and still remain in good condition without proper maintenance. Of course, you have to spend some time in taking care of your cam plug the same way you preserve the other parts of your car. The cam plug may not be as daunting as the other components of your vehicle, but it holds an important role for your engine. So in order to keep your cam plug in good shape, here are some of the things you need to do:

    Follow a regular cleaning schedule.

    If you want to keep your Audi S4 cam plug in great condition, you have to set time to remove it from the rear end of your engine and get rid of dirt. Grime may accumulate on your cam plug after some time because of its exposure to the exhaust processes in the vehicle. So after a couple of weeks or months, it significant amount of dirt forms on the plug, which when not removed right away, could affect the performance of the camshaft and the engine. Devote a few minutes in cleaning your cam plug at least once every month or two.

    Inspect the condition of the cam plug often.

    After the cleaning procedure, it would be better if you can spend a few more minutes in inspecting the condition of each of the cam plugs. Visual inspection could be of great help in helping you spot problems on the part, thereby preventing bigger problems for you in the future. Check if your cam plug is still in good shape or if it still fits the engine properly. Keep in mind that the cam plug must be able to seal the engine in order to prevent adverse effects on the compression process.

    Make sure that the cam plug is not deformed.

    Another thing that you need to do is make sure that your car's cam plug is not deformed. The cam plug moves on a circular rotation, which means that it has to be able to fit on the engine perfectly. If there is any kind of deformity on the cam plug, it could be more difficult to follow the rotation process. See to it that the cam plug remains in a round shape. Otherwise, you might have to get a replacement at the soonest possible time.