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Toyota Corolla Mirrors

Finding Out the Reasons Why Toyota Corolla Mirrors Fail

Toyota Corolla mirrors are essential parts of your vehicle. They may be small, but they play a very important role in keeping you safe. Because of their significance, you have to always make sure that they are working properly. Maintaining your mirrors involves cleaning and also troubleshooting whenever they show symptoms of failure. Detecting the problems early can help you perform the needed procedure to restore the normal operation of your mirrors. Here are the steps on how to diagnose mirror-related problems in your Corolla.

Power mirror that doesn't retract

Modern Toyota Corolla models have electric-powered mirrors. These mirrors can be controlled and adjusted automatically with just one push of a button. But when the power mirror doesn't seem to work, you have to check the fuse immediately. The fuse box is usually found under the dash in all Corolla models. Locate the fuse labeled ECU-B 10 A. If this fuse looks bad and the copper ending is burnt, replace it with a new 15-Amp fuse.

Rear-view mirror that wobbles

A rear-view Toyota Corolla mirror is usually held in place by a base plate. This piece of metal or plastic is glued on to the windshield. A rear-view mirror may begin to wobble when the base plate gets broken or when the adhesive comes off. To verify the real cause of the trouble, inspect your mirror's mounting. Look closely to the connections, especially the screws. If the bolt is just a little loose, retighten it. But if the glue on the base and on the windshield has already dried up, you need to apply a new adhesive.

Clouded glass mirrors

Oxidation is a common problem among glass mirrors. It makes the mirrors look hazy or foggy. When your mirrors look like this, you need to repair or replace them because they can get you involve in serious road accidents. To clean foggy mirrors, you just need alcohol and rag. You can also try applying shaving cream then wipe the grime off with a piece of cloth. For stubborn stains, use a glass cleaner and a squeegee. You can purchase these products at any local auto-part store.

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  • Useful Tips in Cleaning Your Toyota Corolla Mirrors

    Your Toyota Corolla mirrors are not just mere accessories in your vehicle. They also keep you safe while on the road by aiding your vision, so you can see tailing vehicles and highway obstructions clearly. Unfortunately, your mirrors can't always be clear. Over time, they get cloudy because of oxidation. Good thing, there are tried and tested ways on how to remove these stubborn mirror stains. Here are some cleaning tips that you can follow:

    Cleaning the glass mirror

    Know the suitable cleaning agents for your mirrors.

    You can save a lot of cash if you know how to be resourceful. The cleaning products that you usually use for your glass windows, kitchen tables, and pieces of furniture at home can also be used on your Corolla mirrors. Many of these products do not contain harsh chemicals. Plus, they are very easy to apply; you just simply spray them on, and you're good to go even without rinsing.

    Do not over scrub or scratch the mirrors.

    The mirror surface is fragile and sensitive. Avoid scratching it by using a soft-bristled brush instead of a nylon scrub. When cleaning the mirrors, always use a lint-free, soft rag or cloth. Newspaper is also an excellent scrubbing material, because it removes stain efficiently without damaging the mirror. Furthermore, it's free.

    Clear foggy or hazy mirrors.

    Before replacing that foggy mirror, try clearing it first with alcohol. Spray a liberal amount of alcohol on the mirror and wipe it off with a cloth. If you're not satisfied, you can use shaving cream. It has excellent cleaning properties, yet it is very gentle. However, some stains are very hard to remove. In this case, you need to buy and apply commercial glass cleaners.

    Cleaning the metal/chrome trim

    Apply your polish cautiously.

    When applying glass polish and glass cleaner, you must be careful enough not to get them on the trim's paint. These products can damage and discolor the paint of the metal frame.

    Use glazing products on metal and plastic trims.

    Glaze is a special product that brings back the luster to the metal frame of your Corolla mirrors. It is highly recommended for black-painted trims. Glaze will surely make your car mirrors look squeaky clean.