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Toyota Corona Mirrors

Three Usual Issues of Problematic Toyota Corona Mirrors

The side mirrors of your Toyota Corona help you recognize pedestrians, vehicles, and objects on the sides and behind your car. Since the side mirrors are mounted on the outside of the car, they are prone to damage from just about anything that could hit them. If you already notice the side mirrors of your car are starting to show signs of malfunction, then you have to perform troubleshooting as soon as possible. Here's a list of some of the common problems you might encounter:

Noise coming from the side-mirror's housing

If you begin to notice that the side mirror of your Toyota Corona is making an irritating sound, then the problem may come from a faulty motor inside the side mirror's housing. Try to move the housing inward and outward and observe if the noise stops. The wiring could just be loose or misaligned. However, if the noise is still persistent, then you should remove the side-mirror assembly because the motor along with the other parts needs to be checked and possibly replaced.

Side mirror fails to adjust properly

There are two possible culprits that can cause this problem to your car's side mirrors. The first one is a faulty adjustment switch. Basically, a good switch lets you adjust the side mirror up and down and left and right. A faulty switch, however, will limit or prevent any of these movements. Another culprit can be a damaged motor or wiring. What you need to do is to test the voltage of the motor and the wiring using a voltmeter. If there is no power or the reading fluctuates, then you have to considering replacing them.

Side mirror fogging up

Poor road visibility from a foggy side mirror can be very dangerous, that's why you have to check the side mirror immediately when this happens. If you have an auto-dimming mirror that's becoming unclear and wiping it doesn't help, then the cause of this problem can be a leaking liquid crystal between the glass and the reflector lens. This will turn the mirror into a bronze or gold color. However, if you have a stock mirror that's fogging up, then the problem can already be corrosion from the mirror's chrome plating. The best solution when this happens is to replace the damaged mirror.

  • Car Maintenance 101: Toyota Corona Mirrors

    The side mirrors of your Toyota Corona are mounted on the car's exterior to help you see the areas behind and on the side of the vehicle. Most modern Coronas have remote vertical and horizontal adjustments so you can easily fix the view of the road from the driver's seat. In time, the side mirrors will show signs of wearing down like unresponsive switches and fogging up. To prevent these problems from happening, here are some tips that can help maintain your side mirrors in good condition.

    Remove water spots from the side mirrors.

    Water spots on the surface of your side mirror contain minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals leave a white residue that makes the mirror blurry, and the stain they create will become difficult to remove if not cleaned immediately. Fortunately, you only need to use simple cleaning materials like vinegar, water, and a sponge to get rid of the spots. A car scratch remover can also be used as a polish for the mirror.

    Check the mirrors periodically.

    Regardless if your Toyota Corona has power mirrors or you still need to roll your windows down just to reach and adjust the mirrors, you have to inspect them at least once a year. You should check if the mirrors are free from precipitation or anything that makes them unclear. Aside from that, you should check if there's dirt buildup inside the mirror's housing. Lastly, you should also check if the mirror adjustment switch is working properly and if you can adjust the mirror up and down and left and right easily.

    Make sure that your car's electric side mirror has the right voltage.

    If your car has an electric side mirror, then you should make sure that the voltage of the fuse is correct. This is a good preventive maintenance that will help detect if the fuse is showing signs of corrosion or the wires are becoming brittle. This also helps prevent voltage problems in the long run. If you start to notice the wires are chipping or breaking, then you can splice the wiring with electrical tape or wire caps to prevent voltage problems from happening. After you've sealed the wires, you can test their continuity using a multimeter.