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Toyota Prius Mirrors

Common Issues with Toyota Prius Mirrors

The Toyota Prius is one of the best-selling "green" vehicles nowadays and has been in the forefront of hybrid technology since its debut back in 1997. It is one of the cleanest vehicles sold in the United States having one of the best ratings under the EPA. Unfortunately, like all vehicles, it has some drawbacks that users have complained of. Toyota Prius mirrors, most notably the auto dimming rearview mirror, have been noted to have some issues that's been bugging users since launch. Learn how to troubleshoot these problems so you could fix them on your own and get better performance from your Prius.

Faulty auto-dim mirrors

Dimming mirrors are popular vehicle accessories that have been introduced back during the late 1980s. They work by automatically detecting light and then dimming to avoid blinding the driver. Unfortunately for the Prius, this has been an ongoing issue that a lot of users have been complaining about. The most common problem seem to be that the auto-dim mechanism would switch off whenever street lights, building lights, or even car headlights would shine on the Prius. Until the vehicle drives in a spot that's in total darkness, then the auto-dim feature would simply refuse to turn back on. Most users would point out a faulty light sensor, which needs to be fixed or replaced entirely so that the auto-dim would work properly.

Can't turn off the auto-dim mirrors

To further exacerbate the problem with the rear view mirror, some users also report problems with turning the auto-dim feature on and off. A small green led should light up indicating that the auto-dim feature is turned on. If this won't light up, then you might be looking at a connection problem. A quick way to check if it is indeed working is to do a quick test at night. Have someone shine a bright light behind your car and switch the auto-dim feature off. The mirror should turn brighter and whiter after a few seconds, making the view behind your car much brighter and clearer. Do note that it isn't an instantaneous effect, it might take five to ten seconds before this happens. The best solution to this problem would be to have a mechanic check both the sensor and the rearview mirror to see if there are any broken items that would need to be replaced.

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  • Tips on Maintaining Your Toyota Prius Mirrors

    If there's a part that most folks would ignore when it comes to maintenance, then it would be their car's mirrors. Once they get blurry due to dust and grime, then you'll have a hard time navigating turns and switching lanes. Even with a high-tech vehicle like your Toyota Prius, your car's mirrors still deserves some TLC. Maintaining Toyota Prius mirrors should simply revolve around cleaning them and making sure that they're spot free so you have a clear view of your car's surroundings. It shouldn't take much time to clean your mirrors, just stick to some of these tips.

    You need the right tools for the job, even when it comes to cleaning something as simple as a mirror. You'll need lint-free cloth so that you'll avoid scratching the glass and so that you won't leave any stray fibers on the mirror.

    You can use Q-tips to reach into hard to reach areas where dirt and grime have stuck to. You don't want these to build up until they become a permanent part of your car's mirrors.

    If you live in an area with hard water, then your mirrors might end up with water spots. Hard water has excessive minerals and deposits, and they could get left behind after you wash your mirrors. The best solution is to use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to wipe out those water spots and dry them using some towels afterwards.

    Overtime, your car's mirrors could develop small scratches and these could affect the clarity of the image on your mirrors. If the scratches are small enough, you could use some jewelers rouge or even whitening toothpaste and buff the area with a rag until it disappears.

    Deep scratches in your car's mirrors shouldn't be ignored. If they are too deep for repair, then you should have them replaced immediately.

    Keeping your Toyota Prius mirrors clean is a simple task that you could do that'll help keep them stay nice and clear. You wouldn't want to drive around with blurry mirrors so make sure that you stick to a regular cleaning schedule and keep your mirrors in tip-top shape.