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Toyota Rav4 Turn Signal

Toyota Tacoma Turn Signal: Easy Ways to Solve Common Issues

Picture this: you're driving down a foggy road, when you noticed that your turn signals are not functioning. Naturally, you will try to reach your destination even with broken blinkers, but doing this is very risky. If you're unfortunate, you might get into an accident because other drivers will have no way of knowing your intention to turn or change lanes. So you will not be a safety hazard, check out the list below of some of the common problems that you may encounter with your blinkers and the ways on how to solve them.

Burned-out turn signal

If your Toyota Tacoma turn signal is not working, then you have to check if its bulb is still working. Usually, because of constant use, this bulb stops working. If this is the case, you have to replace the bulb immediately. Just make sure that you have the right bulb for your vehicle's make and model. Also, to make the task easier, don't forget to turn the steering wheel to the extreme right if you are changing the left turn signal and to the left if it's the other signal.

Cloudy turn signal lens

Over time, the lens of your vehicle's turn signal will become cloudy due to condensation and road debris. Once this happens, your Tacoma will look unkempt, and it will be difficult for other drivers to see your turn signal. Fortunately, solving this problem is easy, and it can be accomplished in just a few minutes. All you need to do is prepare an old toothbrush, rags, some water, and a polishing compound that can be bought from an auto parts store. If all these items are available, then you can start cleaning the cloudy lens. Just make sure that you will rinse and dry the lens before reinstalling it.

Cracked turn signal cover

Admit it. Damaging the cover of your Toyota Tacoma turn signal is as unavoidable as encountering a traffic jam. Luckily, you don't have to get stressed out in case this happens to you. You just need to replace the turn signal cover with a high-quality replacement that can be purchased in car parts stores. However, don't forget to check your owner's manual so you will know which kind of cover will fit your vehicle's make and model.

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  • Simple Tips to Keep Your Toyota Tacoma Turn Signal in Perfect Shape

    The turn signals of your Toyota Tacoma are not just for aesthetics-they help keep you safe as well. Because of these lights, other drivers are notified of your intention to change lanes or turn. However, if you will not take care of them, you might become a road hazard because these lights can stop working all of a sudden. To avoid road problems, follow the simple tips that we listed below on how you can properly take care of your turn signals.

    Check if your turn signals are working properly regularly.

    One way to make sure that your Toyota Tacoma turn signal will last for a long time is by checking it regularly. Oftentimes, problems with this part could have been avoided if its components were inspected well. For instance, switch on the emergency flasher and make sure that all lights at the front and back of your Tacoma are blinking normally. If one is out or flashing too fast, then you have to replace the bulb immediately.

    Clean the lens of your Toyota Tacoma's turn signal routinely.

    If the lens of your Tacoma's turn signal is made of plastic, then you have to make sure that you will clean or polish it regularly to avoid condensation. Just like headlight lenses, the cover of your turn signal will also become cloudy because of debris build up and moisture. You can clean the lens using a polishing compound that can be purchased from an auto parts store. However, make sure that you will not use an abrasive material when applying the polish because doing so can leave scratches on the inside part of the lens.

    Inspect the turn signal sockets for signs of corrosion.

    One turn signal component that can get damaged due to dirt build up and moisture is the socket. As a component of the turn signal assembly, the socket holds the turn signals and running lights. Thus, damaging them can result to automotive lighting failure. To avoid this problem, make sure that you will inspect the socket routinely. In case it is corroded, you can clean it using an electrical contact cleaner. However, if there are burn marks around the socket, you must test it with a multimeter, so you will know if it needs to be replaced.