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Toyota Sienna Hubcaps

Tips on Diagnosing Worn Toyota Sienna Hubcaps

Rattling on the wheels is not only annoying, but it can indicate that there is something wrong with them. The hubcaps on your car aren't just for aesthetics; they basically cover the wheel to make it perform better. Just like any accessory, it's inevitable for this to get worn out eventually, especially since this is almost in contact to the ground, wherein dirt can accumulate inside. Here are some tips on how to diagnose if your Toyota Sienna hubcaps have already gone south.

Rattling sounds

One of the most obvious symptom that the hubcaps are getting damaged is when you start hearing rattling sounds coming from the wheels. The volume of the noise grows gradually, but you wouldn't want to wait until it gets loud enough for the drivers on the other side of the lane to hear. Once you notice that there's a rattling noise, inspect the hubcaps.

Clicking sounds

Another sound that you can confirm that there is something wrong with the hubcaps is when you start hearing clicking noises coming from the wheels. You will begin to hear this at slow speeds when the wheel flexes as you make a turn. Once you hear this noise, don't hesitate to inspect it.

Loose wiring

Once you determine which wheel is problematic, take out the hubcap and take a good look at it. One of the reasons why noise can be heard is because of loose wires inside the hubcaps that rub against the wheel. You can always repair the wheel trim; but if you're too lazy to do so, there are affordable ones that can be bought from auto stores. You can definitely get the best of both worlds because you get to customize your hubcaps and get new ones to improve the performance of the wheels.

Loose hubcaps

If you sense that the hubcaps are loose and you just recently purchased them, it could mean that they are not of the correct size. If these are slightly too big for the wheels, they will tend not to mount firmly enough to stay on even if you drive over bumps. There's no other choice left to do but to get a new set of hubcaps.

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  • Taking Care of Your Toyota Sienna Hubcaps

    The hubcaps on your vehicle do not only add a customized look to your wheels, but they also protect it from dirt and dust. However, it's inevitable for this part to get easily worn out because this is almost in contact to the ground. You can always do proper upkeep to keep it looking good as new. Here are some tips that you can use to take good care of the Toyota Sienna hubcaps.

    Refinish the plastic hubcaps.

    Hubcaps aren't only made of metal; in fact, some are plastic. This kind opposes paint adhesion unless they are well conditioned. To refinish the plastic hubcaps, you can wash it with trisodium phosphate cleaner with a coarse sponge. Just simply rinse it with water and dry it with towels. With a 180-grit sandpaper, rub it against the hubcap until they feel coarse. Coating it with acrylic spray primer before doing the final touch is a must. You have to remember to keep an 8-inch distance from the hubcaps when doing so. Don't forget to wait for 3 hours before coating it with high-gloss acrylic spray enamel.

    Get rid of the clicking noise.

    Once you hear clicking noises, it means that the hubcaps are about to get worn or there's a loose component. Don't wait until it gets louder to do corrective action. Take a good look at the wheels and look for a broken or damaged hubcap. Inspect if there are any cracks like on the plastic mounting legs or steel retention ring. Get these replaced right away to get rid of the clicking sound.

    Tighten loose hubcaps.

    One of the best ways to take good care of the hubcaps is to tighten them when you sense that they are loose. Try to pull on them to check if they are securely mounted on the wheels; otherwise, they really need to be adjusted. You can just simply use a Phillips screwdriver or a lug wrench, depending on the size of the hubcaps.

    Find the correct hubcap size.

    If you're still planning to get new hubcaps, be sure to get the correct size. If you get one that does not fit the wheels correctly, they will tend to fall off and not stay on whenever you drive on bumps.