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Toyota Sienna Strut Assembly

Useful Tips to Deal With a Bad Toyota Sienna Strut Assembly

Your Toyota Sienna strut assembly will wear out as your vehicle age and increase its mileage. And when this happens, you will face several problems, which you need to be prepared for. So here are some of the common strut assembly problems along some helpful troubleshooting tips:

Increased body roll

Your struts are responsible for preventing your minivan to sway every time you drive at high speeds. So if you start to experience excessive body roll on your vehicle, you may want to consider checking your strut assemblies for any sign of wear. After all, your struts do get damaged overtime because their springs begin to become flexible as your car ages, causing the assemblies to fail in supporting the weight of your vehicle. To check whether your struts have gone bad, you can drive in an open area at high speeds and abruptly stop your vehicle. If your minivan sways from side to side, you definitely need to replace your struts.

Tire wear

Bad strut assemblies can increase the damage on your tires, which may cause them different possible types of tire wear. Because the struts are also responsible in keeping the tires aligned and with proper tension, misaligned and imbalanced tires aren't far from happening. Once you experience this on your Sienna, you will have no choice but to replace your worn-out tires and struts as this isn't the kind of car problem that has a few quick fixes. And when you replace your struts, make sure that you do it in pairs. Otherwise, you will just damage your new tires in the end.

Hydraulic-fluid leakage

One way to check if your strut assemblies need to be replaced is by checking if the hydraulic fluid is leaking. While this may just come off as a symptom of a bad strut, it's a problem in itself as the hydraulic fluid that have spread and hardened on your assemblies can attract more dirt and develop rust. So if you choose to let your struts leak, you may suddenly find your components to be heavily covered with dirt and rust. Worse, rust may spread to nearby components. If this happens, you have to quickly replace the assemblies in pair and don't forget to get rid of the rust on the other components.

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  • How to Keep Your Toyota Sienna Strut Assembly in Top Condition

    Like all parts of your car, your Toyota Sienna strut assembly requires a few maintenance routines to help keep it in good condition. As a car owner, you should know how to properly take care of your struts as these are vital in providing a smooth and comfortable driving experience. So here are simple but useful tips to keep your strut assemblies in top form:

    Check the struts each year.

    To make sure that the struts on your minivan can still function well, you must regularly check them every year. Doing this will help you assess their physical state and will give you a heads up on whether you're running on a wearing strut assembly. Also, if you check it annually, you will be able to find any component of the assembly that already needs to be replaced. In this way, you can prevent the entire strut assembly from failing, and you will even save money as you only have to buy a part instead of the whole strut. Keep in mind also that replacing your worn strut assemblies early on will prevent related problems from happening.

    Don't forget to clean them.

    Even if your struts are hidden under your car, they need to be cleaned to prevent any dirt buildup that may affect their performance in the long run. You can use a degreaser and a toothbrush to remove dirt and grime that have accumulated there, especially after driving on dusty roads. You can also buy any high-quality and effective automotive cleaner from the auto supply store to clean your struts. Make sure, however, that the cleaner that you're getting is safe for rubber and metal as your strut assemblies are composed of these materials.

    Keep an eye out for rust spots.

    You wouldn't want your struts to form rust spots on the surface as these may spread out to the rod, spring, and other parts of the assembly. If this happens, your strut assemblies can malfunction and increase tire wear, resulting with a decreased performance as compared to when they were still rust free. While rust spots may not pose an immediate concern, you still need to protect your struts by coating them with anti-rust solutions. In this way, you can be sure that they will last longer.