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Toyota Solara Cornering Light

Toyota Solara Cornering Light Issues

While cornering lights aren't as prominent headlights, they still play an important role in your Toyota Solara. As you know, they provide additional lateral illumination for your ride, which greatly helps when making turns or switching lanes. Your Toyota Solara cornering lights won't be able to do that though if problems plague them. Below are the said issues that you may encounter.

Clouded Cornering Light

Your Toyota Solara cornering light can become clouded, thus causing it to produce subpar illumination. If this has occurred to you, there's just one reason behind it-moisture. Moisture was able to enter your cornering light assembly through a gap, a crack, or a hole within the structure.

This issue shouldn't be a major cause for worry though since a clouded cornering light can be easily remedied. All you have to do is to detach the cornering light lens and wipe it clean with a piece of cloth or a rag. After you're done doing that, make sure that the cornering light lens is attached securely in place so that there won't be any openings in the assembly. If you've found holes or cracks, then you may have to replace the lens or the entire assembly.

Faint Illumination

If you find that your Toyota Solara cornering lights aren't producing adequate illumination, don't be too quick to put the blame on them right away. It's because there's a big chance that they aren't at fault, anyway.

The problem of faint illumination often stems from a faulty electrical system. Your Solara's battery or alternator may already be busted, thus your electrical system isn't able to generate enough power to support all of your car's functions. The insufficient power can of course result into the faint illumination displayed by your cornering lights. Needless to say, replacing either the battery or the alternator should solve this issue.

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  • Maintenance Tips: Toyota Solara Cornering Light 27 February 2013

    Maintaining your Toyota Solara cornering lights is just as important as taking care of your headlights. Both serve vital roles in your vehicle, after all. With that said, below are some of the ways that you can do to maintain your cornering lights in tip-top shape.

    Always make sure that the cornering light has no openings.

    Openings within your Toyota Solara cornering light allow entry to moisture and tiny debris. These elements don't belong in there; in fact, they could pose a lot of problems for your cornering light. Clouding and discoloration of the lenses are some of the issues that moisture and debris can cause for your cornering lights. With that said, always make sure that there are no openings within the structure. If you tinker with your cornering light, do make it a point to seal the assembly properly.

    Clean any clouded cornering light lenses.

    As you most probably know, your Toyota Solara cornering light lens can become cloudy because of moisture. That of course isn't good since cloudiness can affect the quality of illumination produced by your cornering light. For that reason, you should clean the lens every time that happens. Or better yet, make sure that there aren't any openings within the cornering light to prevent clouded lenses altogether (as said earlier).

    Inspect the wiring.

    Whenever you tinker with your Toyota Solara cornering light, it's a good idea to inspect the condition of its wiring as well. It's because, the cornering light's wiring can become loose or damaged over time. Loose or damaged wiring can impede the flow of electricity from the power source towards the cornering light, which of course results to flickering. So yeah, make sure that the wiring is correctly attached on both ends. Replace the wiring if it's damaged.

    Regularly check for signs of damage and wearing out.

    Check your Toyota Solara cornering light for any signs of damage and wearing out. Focus particularly on the lens, as this is the component that's most prone to the said conditions. If the lens has a hole, a crack, or is worn out, replace it as soon as possible. Doing this ensures that you get reliable performance from your cornering light.