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Toyota Solara Mirrors

Common Symptoms Pointing to Problems with Toyota Solara Mirrors

The mirrors in your car eliminate blind spots and increase road visibility, making them crucial to your safety when driving. With this in mind, you should learn how to spot problems on your mirrors that can badly affect the way you drive. If you want to make things easier, read the following telltale signs that your mirrors are having some problems:

Foggy mirrors

Since most of these parts are located outside your vehicle, they are exposed to different elements such as hot moisture. Upon contact with hot moisture, the mirrors tend to fog up and become blurry, providing you with poor road visibility. When you notice that the mirrors are fogging up, you should immediately clean them. The solutions are found right inside your house. Shaving cream and toothpaste can do wonders in cleaning up these parts.

Blind spots

The rearview and side mirrors are safety components that help eliminate blind spots. If you often get surprised that a vehicle is already right behind your car, you might have a blind spot that prevents you from noticing its approach. With this, you need to properly adjust the mirrors based on your normal driving position.


Noise is very common most especially on your car's side mirrors. This is characterized by rattling sound specifically during cold climate. This is due to unsecured Toyota Solara mirrors inside the assemblies. When this happens, check if there are loose bolts in the assemblies. Also, a good solution is to put foam inside the assemblies to eliminate the unnecessary movement of the mirrors. For heated power side mirrors, you can also look at the gears and mounting prongs supporting the assemblies. If there is play, you can lubricate them by applying white grease.


Glare occurs when the reflection of the other vehicles' headlights affects your vision. This can cause accidents as studies show that it blinds the driver for several seconds. Since glare is caused by the rearview and side mirrors, you need to adjust them. You need to adjust your Toyota Solara mirrors according to the American Automobile Association standards.

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  • Dealing with Your Toyota Solara Mirrors

    Your mirrors are crucial safety components on your car. They eliminate blind spots which cause road accidents because of limited driver visibility. Issues with your mirrors affect your driving and ultimately cause road accidents. Because of these, you should know how to properly take care of your mirrors. Following are some tips you would find useful:

    Prevent your mirrors from fogging up.

    Hot moisture can affect the surfaces of your side mirrors and cause a blurry reflection of the road. With this in mind, you should prevent your mirrors from fogging up and risking your road safety. Application of shaving cream and toothpaste from time to time can do the trick. For a better option, you can use anti-fog wipes especially made for these parts.

    Make sure your mirrors are adjusted well all the time.

    Your mirrors are mounted on your car to provide additional visibility and eliminate blind spots. Blind spots can be dangerous especially in a free way. If you notice that you have a blind spot, your mirrors are not positioned very well. With this, you need to make sure your mirrors are working well with each other. This would eliminate the risk of a road accident caused by blind spots. The American Automobile Association has a special set of standards for adjusting the mirrors.

    Be careful in cleaning your Toyota Solara mirrors.

    You need to clean your car mirrors every now and then. This guarantees you of a clear vision of the road behind your car. However, you need to be extra careful in cleaning your mirrors because its glass material can easily be scratched by rough materials. With this, it is recommended to use a lint-free soft rag or a high-quality paper towel. Newspapers can also do the cleaning work for your mirrors.

    Mind loose Toyota Solara mirrors.

    Mirrors can get loose because of screws and other mounting problems. When you notice that one of your mirrors is loose, shaking, or rattling in its position, you need to immediately take care of it. Take note that your car is subjected to constant vibrations that can worsen a loose mirror. An extremely loose exterior mirror can just fly away from your car with the slightest wind or gentlest car wash brush. With this, make sure you regularly check your mirrors and attend to any loose positions.