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Toyota Tacoma Bumpers

Troubleshooting Toyota Tacoma Bumper Problems

Because they are more than just a pair of accessories that make your pickup look good, your Toyota Tacoma bumpers need to be at the top of their game. These car components are essential to your safety because they help protect the other parts from minor collisions. That's why you need to be vigilant about any problems that these parts will encounter throughout their lifetime. Nip these thorns in the bud and you'll be able to make the most out of your Tacoma's bumpers.


Toyota has acknowledged that its Tacoma's bumpers have an issue with rust, but unfortunately it won't do anything about it. This means that you need to inspect your front and rear bumpers regularly. If you see any bubbles under the paint or red deposits, then these are your first signs that the inevitable has begun. These bumps will flake off, but they will eventually turn into little holes that grow bigger as the rust takes over, so take action at once. Now that you know what they look like at various stages, be sure to remove rusty spots as soon as you see them.

Dents and scratches

Toyota Tacoma bumpers are designed to come into contact with other objects during a collision. Dents and scratches aren't just unsightly, they're also sure signs that your bumpers have been knocked around a few times. Determine just how much damage your bumper has sustained by visually inspecting its parts. Try to pop out dents, buff out scuff marks, and paint over scratches if they're only minor. Cracks and other forms of major damages will require replacing one or more of your bumper's components.

Loose bumpers

If you notice that the front or rear bumpers on your Tacoma is coming loose, then it could be because the nuts, bolts, and brackets underneath the cover is in need of some tightening. You'll need to regularly check up on these components by removing the bumper, checking the parts, and replacing some of the bits that have been lost. Reattach your bumper and go on your way, confident that you've prevented an accident on the road from happening.

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  • How to Make Your Toyota Tacoma Bumpers Look Good

    Making a good first impression is crucial when you're applying for a job, going on a first date, and trying to dazzle people with your Tacoma. Because they are the first and last things that others will see, it's crucial that you keep your bumpers clean and polished. However, these car parts are not just accessories that help you strut your stuff. They're also essential safety equipment that help protect your pickup's other components during minor collisions. That's why it's even more necessary to ensure that these parts are at their peak condition. Here's how you can maintain your Toyota Tacoma bumpers:

    Remove scratches from your plastic bumper

    Like many pickups, Tacomas come out of the dealer's lot with plastic bumpers. And, just like many other vehicles, you can leave your Taco on a parking lot and find its bumpers scratched a few hours later. Not to worry though, you can remove these imperfections at home. You just need to clean the bumpers, sand them with 120-grit sandpaper, and prime the damaged area before repainting it. Finally, buff the bumper with polish to make it look like new.

    Get chrome bumper covers

    If you want your Taco to stand out from a crowd of plastic-bumpered pickups, one of the easiest things you can do is to replace both the front and the rear bumpers with chrome covers. All you'll need is a screwdriver and a pry bar and you can install the new chrome cover easily.

    Clean your chrome bumpers

    Make sure that you use a wire brush with brass bristles or a bronze wool pad whenever you clean your bumpers. These metal cleaning tools are harsh on the built up dirt and debris but they're much softer than chrome so they won't scratch your bumpers. Don't forget to use a chrome cleaner to ensure that you've got a clean, shiny, and rust-free look.

    Remove scuffs from your chrome bumper

    If your Tacoma's chrome bumper covers become scuffs, the old prime-and-paint method won't work on them. You'll need to try a more natural way. Apply some lemon juice extract on a piece of chamois leather and rub it onto your chrome until the marks come off. This simple but fancy way of enhancing your bumper's appearance is finished by using some furniture polish to make the your Toyota Tacoma bumper shiny once more.