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Toyota Tacoma Cold Air Intake Kit

Pinpointing the Culprits behind Toyota Tacoma Cold Air Intake Kit Problems

Maximizing the overall prowess of your truck is easy if you install a Toyota Tacoma cold air intake kit. This aftermarket part is essential to the vehicle's operation because it enhances the air-fuel ratio inside the engine. When there's more cool air mixed with the fuel, the engine will be able to generate more energy. This will give your Tacoma a significant increase in horsepower and torque. But just like the other car components, the cold air intake is often subjected to a lot of stress. Eventually, it will fail. That's why a scheduled maintenance check is necessary to verify the condition of this vital component.

Engine stalling

If you often experience sudden engine stalls while you're in the middle of the road, the problem may be coming from the clogged cold air intake hoses. This problem occurs when harmful debris enter and accumulate inside these hoses because you don't clean them regularly. What you need to do is to inspect the engine and the hoses for leaks. These fractures serve as the entry point of dirt and soot. You have to replace damaged hoses ASAP to keep the engine running efficiently.

Fuel and coolant contamination

A cold air intake kit includes an air filter, which stops harmful debris from entering the engine. When you haven't cleaned or replaced the filter for a while, debris will begin to congest. A clogged filter loses the ability to sieve dust and dirt from air. These particles may escape to the engine and cause fuel and coolant contamination. To detect this problem as early as possible, check the color of your engine fluids. Brownish coolant means that the contaminants have already entered your engine. When you see floating objects in your fuel reservoir, you have to flush it out. Refill the tank with fresh coolant.

Rattling sound

It's possible for the cold air intake to loosen up because of mechanical vibration and heat. Once it is removed from its proper mounting, it will bounce and wobble inside the engine compartment. This is the reason behind the clunking sound that you hear when the truck is moving. In this case, you have to pop the hood open and check the mounting bolts of the cold air intake. Tighten them well to keep the intake steady. If you see fractures on the intake itself or the pipe, you have to buy a replacement.

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