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Toyota Tacoma Mirrors

A Clear Look at the Problems of Toyota Tacoma Mirrors

Side mirrors extend the driver's vision, even on spots that normal sight prohibits. Before, the side mirrors can only be adjusted manually. Nowadays, they are controlled electronically. In addition, side mirrors have heaters and automatic dimming to adjust for glare from vehicles behind. They have become more advanced, technologically speaking. Ironically, because of these advancements, there are plenty of things that could go wrong with the once simple side mirrors. Here are just some of the frequent problems encountered with the side mirrors of today.

Problems with the wires

Since virtually all side mirrors are electronically managed today, some wiring problems might plague the side mirrors of the Toyota Tacoma. The wires don't just deliver power to the side mirrors to heat or tilt them to desired directions; they also send signals for the mirrors to properly adjust. Once the side mirrors become unresponsive to these commands, then the wires are to be blamed most likely.

Problems with the fuse

If there is no problem with the wires, then the next sensible part that may have a problem is the fuse. The side mirror fuse is responsible for telling the ECU that the side mirrors need to be supplied with power. Without it, the ECU won't be able to recognize the presence of the side mirrors, and therefore it cannot be controlled remotely.

Problems with the connectors

The wires need to have something to touch in order for it to relay the signals and the electricity coming from the car. Sometimes, the connectors of the side mirror can get dirty or loose. Because of this, the communication between the wire and the connectors is virtually cut.

Problems with the switch.

Sometimes, the problems don't lie with the side mirrors but with the switch. The switch delivers signals and commands to the side mirrors, and if it is not able to do so, then checking it would be the way to go.

Problems with visibility

The side mirrors could get dirty because it is located outside the vehicle. Dirt, grime, and hard water could get deposited within the gaps and on the mirrors itself, preventing adjustments and clear visibility. You can use glass cleaners to break these deposits up and wipe them with a lint-free cloth.

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  • Good Maintenance Practice For Toyota Tacoma Mirrors

    A side mirror is a necessary piece of equipment on any car because it allows the driver to see behind the car and the sides of the car. This is especially important in preventing accidents while changing lanes. Side mirrors must be present, complete and functional to pass a car inspection. However, when it becomes damaged, driving not only becomes harder, it also becomes very dangerous. You could even have trouble with the cops. So it is important to maintain the good condition of the side mirrors. Here are some practices that you can do even at the comfort of your own home.

    Test the switches.

    The switches that operate the side mirrors are important indicators of damage or unresponsiveness with them. It quickly tells you that there's a problem with the adjustment or heating. Once in a while, try to work the switches and "play" with them. This takes away any inhibitions against the side mirrors not working in the middle of driving, at least.

    Test the wiring

    By testing the wiring using a test wire for voltage, you ensure that the side mirrors are getting enough power for it to operate properly. To do this, you must detach the side mirrors and locate the wires. There are several wires for heating and adjustments, so you have to be very thorough. Don't forget to put the car in the "on" position so that you could get readings.

    Replace the fuse.

    From time to time, the fuse needs to be changed because it gets damaged from the continuous use. Locate the right fuse in the fuse box with the help of the owner's manual. Be wary if the mirrors have heaters in them because they might need additional or a different kind of fuse.

    Drive with caution.

    Finally, and most importantly, drive with caution. There are a lot of times that the damage done on side mirrors are caused by minor accidents. If the mirrors get knocked over, there's no chance for it to be put back together. However, minor damage in the body could be repaired. If there are no substantial damage with the wires and the glass itself, then just glue the missing pieces of the body together.