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Toyota Tacoma Turn Signal Assembly

What to Do during a Toyota Tacoma Turn Signal Assembly Malfunction

Your Toyota Tacoma turn signal assembly is composed of four blinking lights, which are responsible for warning other drivers behind you that you are about to make a turn or change lanes. It would be confusing and dangerous if you do not have a properly functioning turn signal assembly-there would be no way for other drivers to figure out how to adjust correctly to the changes in your vehicle's movements. So it's important to regularly check it for defects. Should your turn signals stop working, consider looking at the following reasons:

Blown signal fuse

It is very common for the turn signal assembly to fail due to a blown fuse. You would have to open the fuse box and locate the turn signal fuse, which you must pull out. Once the fuse is out, check if its metal link is connected. A broken link means a blown fuse. Replace the fuse immediately.

Burnt bulb

If you notice the turn signal on one side to be working just fine and the other seems to have a problem, check the defective turn signal's bulb if it is burnt. To determine a burnt bulb, look at it closely and see if dark matter is present at its base. If that's the case, you can try cleaning it off to improve connection. However, it would be best to get a replacement instead. That way, you can be sure that the bulb is capable of functioning well.

Defective turn signal switch

Your turn signal assembly consists of flashers, which are responsible for the turn signal's actual blinking. Find out if your turn signal switch is defective by testing a flasher's prongs with a test wire. You would have to unplug the flasher and apply a test wire on the horizontal prong and another wire to the vertical prong. Listen closely for a click. If there is none, connect the wire to the other vertical prong and test it. If you still can't hear a click, it's an indication that you need to replace your flasher. However, if replacing it doesn't seem to work, the turn signal switch could be in a really bad condition.

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  • Taking Care of Your Toyota Tacoma Turn Signal Assembly

    Without a properly functioning turn signal assembly, you risk the possibility of getting pulled over by a cop on the freeway or getting into an accident with other drivers. Aside from being illegal to have turn signals that have stopped working, it would definitely stir confusion among motorists when you suddenly turn or change lanes. This simple function of the turn signal, which is to warn vehicles behind you when you're about to turn, is of utter importance and could actually mean your life. So to avoid the hassle of being issued a ticket or risking your safety, follow these tips and ensure that your Toyota Tacoma turn signal assembly is in good condition:

    Check the assembly's components.


    Make sure that the bulb of your turn signal light is properly seated. Inspect its base for any dark material, which is a common indicator that it is burnt. If the bulb is already old and darkened, get a replacement for it.

    Bulb socket

    Over time, bulb sockets get rusty. In this case, you can spray electrical contact cleaner into them. Wipe away corrosion and dirt out of the socket using a rag. You may need to repeat this process until the corrosion comes off. However, if it still remains on the socket, you would have to lightly buff its interior with a cleaner and steel wool. Wrap the steel wool around your fingertip and clean off the corrosion with a twisting motion. Applying a light coat of electrical contact grease would help in preventing corrosion. Be careful with its application. Use a shop rag to protect yourself from the socket's sharp edges.

    You may use white vinegar as an alternative for the electrical contact cleaner. Just spray it into the socket or soak the socket in it for about ten minutes.


    Inspect the fuse for corrosion and check if its link is properly connected. If you find the metal link to be broken, it means that your turn signal fuse has blown. You need to replace this part as soon as possible. Also, don't forget to clean the contacts in the fuse box.