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Toyota Tundra Mirrors

Mirror Mess: Troubleshooting Your Toyota Tundra Mirrors

Having crystal clear and properly working Toyota Tundra mirrors is the easiest way to ensure safe driving. These image reflectors are your assistants on the road, as they cover blind spots and inform you of the positions of other vehicles so that you can adjust your driving moves accordingly. Without their help, you're basically like a blind man trying to cross a busy road. So as much as you want to dismiss problems with your car mirrors, you absolutely can't. Yes, they're low-maintenance and easy to replace, but it would be better if you'll take some time off your hectic day to do a bit of troubleshooting once your mirrors start to fail. Trying to find the causes behind your mirror problems will definitely spare your wallet from costly repair and replacement expenses in the future. We've come up with a guide to help you out.

Difficulty adjusting the mirrors

If you're having problems adjusting your electric mirrors, then the first thing you should check is the control switch. This little joystick has the power to adjust and move your mirrors to different angles and positions so that you can get a better view of the other vehicles traveling alongside you. When this part fails, you'll definitely experience difficulties adjusting your mirror, and this can lead to undesirable consequences on the road. To test the control switch for continuity, a multimeter may be used. Replace the control switch if the multimeter revealed continuity problems. Also, check the ground connection of the control switch for wiring short. A faulty connection may also cause control switch problems, so better inspect the wires and replace them if necessary.

Malfunctioning electronic displays

Most auto-dimming mirrors feature electronic displays that show the direction of travel, time, and temperature. You'll know immediately if there's something wrong with the displays the moment you start your car. If the displays are gone or showing wrong information, then you need to check the mirror's wiring connections and wiring harness for possible shorts. To fix your mirror's electronic displays, replace the faulty wires right away.

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  • Tips in Keeping Your Toyota Tundra Mirrors in Good Shape

    Surviving a busy road doesn't only happen with a switch of a headlight or a step on the brake pedal. You need all your vehicle's safety mechanisms up and running in order to conquer the daily traffic battle. To achieve better visibility and to safely maneuver your vehicle on the road, you need the help of well-maintained Toyota Tundra mirrors. These mirrors serve as your guide while trying to navigate the traffic, as they help you see the positions of other vehicles without having to turn your head or crane your neck. All you have to do is to flick your eyes to your rear- and side-view mirrors every once in a while to ensure you're nowhere near hitting another car. Having properly working mirrors is one thing, but keeping them in tiptop shape is another. You can't expect your mirrors to clean or fix themselves without lifting a finger to do the job. So exerting some effort and giving time to perform regular maintenance on your mirrors is a must to ensure you always get a crystal clear view of the road. Here are some tips you can follow to maintain the good condition of your Toyota Tundra mirrors:

    Clean the mirror's motor housing regularly.

    Power mirrors are equipped with motors encased in a durable housing to keep them running properly. The problem with motor housings is they get dirty and rusty over time. In some cases, moisture may even build up in the housing and affect the motor's performance. If you're having a hard time adjusting your power mirror lately, then you should check the motor and housing for dirt or rust buildup. Remove dirty grease, moisture, and rust from the motor and housing with non-abrasive work rags. Cleaning the motor regularly is one way to prolong your power mirror's life and improve its performance.

    Remove scratches and water spots on the mirrors.

    Scratches and hardened water spots can make your car mirrors look unsightly and uncared for. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of them by simply wiping the glass with water and vinegar solution and finishing off the job with a car scratch remover. Do these cleaning and polishing tricks regularly to remove stubborn stains from the mirror and restore its factory shine.