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BMW Air Filter

In order for the engine of your BMW to run correctly, it needs a good supply of air coming into the engine from the cold air intake. If the BMW air filter is clogged, however, the engine will work much harder to get the air it needs. This will not only reduce the performance of the engine, but it will also decrease the gas mileage of the vehicle, which is an expensive situation today. Fortunately, we have the correct model of the BMW air filter for almost any model in our large online catalog, and it is available at a great price. It is very similar to the version already in your vehicle, and it will perform just as well. Installing the BMW air filter is an easy task to accomplish, and requires only a few minutes to accomplish. Simply open the clips retaining the cover of the cold air intake, and swap the old filter with the new filter. Our new BMW air filter will last at least as long as the old one, and it is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer. For some models, we offer an upgraded version of the BMW air filter. By replacing the standard paper filtering material with cotton, this version offers enhanced airflow, while still removing damaging particles from the stream, before it reaches the engine. This type of BMW air filter is also reusable, so that when it becomes dirty, you can simply remove it, wash it, and reinstall it. Over the life of the vehicle, this will save a good amount of money, compared to the paper versions. Either style of the BMW air filter can be easily ordered by phone, toll-free, or through our secure online ordering interface.